Filter possible release window for Death Stranding 2 and a secret PlayStation game

Death Stranding 2 and more important games for PlayStation 5 are already on the way. However, some of the flashier projects do not have a confirmed release date or window. Despite this, an important clue has just emerged in this regard that could tell us when the sequel and another PlayStation title will arrive.

What happens is that Frank Aliberti, an artist who works on both titles, revealed information about its release on his ArtStation profile (via Twisted Voxel). In it shares a supposed launch window for Death Stranding 2 and, apparently, for the game that Firewalk Studios is preparing together with Sony.

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when would debut Death Stranding 2 and the Firewalk Studios game?

Neither Kojima Productions nor Firewalk Studios have confirmed a release window for their respective games. If the information that Aliberti is accurate, then both titles would still be quite far away, since they would not arrive in 2023.

The artist notes that both games will be available sometime in 2024. This makes sense since Death Stranding 2 It has just been revealed and, for its part, Firewalk Studios has not officially presented its project.

In case you don’t remember, said developer has former Bungie members among its ranks. We know that you are working on a new IP with a multiplayer focus. Everything indicates that it will be a first-person shooter. It’s important to clarify that the artist is not necessarily referring to the undisclosed game from Firewalk Studios, but the description does fit the project.

On the other hand, Aliberti doesn’t necessarily know for sure when the games will arrive, so we recommend that you take this information with a grain of salt. In addition, Kojima has not confirmed or commented on this possible leak.

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In this link you can find all the news related to Death Stranding 2.

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