Figures of the Communist Party of Chile ignore declaration of support for the Ortega Murillo regime

As reported by the digital newspaper El Mostrador, from Chile, in the Communist Party (PC) of the South American country an “unprecedented rebellion” has been formed thanks to a “controversial” statement sent by that political organization and other leftist movements, in which they criticized the government of their country for ignoring Nicaragua’s “electoral farce” and legitimized the results that the regime claimed.

According to El Mostrador, the presidential candidate, Gabriel Boric, was the one who came to the fore and said that it is an “unconsulted” statement internally, which was supported by several party figures, who are aware of the situation in Nicaragua.

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In that sense, the communist deputy Camila Vallejo stated that the statement “was not discussed or resolved by the collective leadership of the party” and condemned “human rights violations in Nicaragua, Chile and anywhere in the world.”

Those words of Vallejo were also “quickly” endorsed by the communist youth of the party: “We support what was expressed by Camila Vallejo in relation to the fact that the statement made was not discussed or resolved by the collective leadership of the PC. We condemn any violation of human rights in Nicaragua, Chile and anywhere in the world ”, declared the Chilean communist youth.

According to El Mostrador, another deputy, Karol Cariola, on her Twitter account stated that she was unaware of the controversial statement by Nicaragua and that she personally does not endorse it.

The conventional of the Communist Party, Bárbara Sepúlveda, also affirmed that “the declaration on Nicaragua was not the product of the discussion of the PC collective” and that it does not represent it either, since the feminists of Chile know “of the political persecution of (Daniel) Ortega against our companions”, and ended by saying that “what of Nicaragua is unacceptable and indefensible”.

As El Mostrador recounts, the debate was joined by the former PC presidential candidate, Daniel Jadue, stating forcefully that “he will never” agree “with regimes that persecute and imprison their opponents. There are no double readings here! “

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The “controversial” statement

How could it be otherwise, the Ortega Murillo regime celebrated the statement sent by the Chilean CP on November 11 in its propaganda media, a day before 25 member countries of the Organization of American States (OAS) voted in favor. of a resolution declaring the Nicaraguan electoral process illegitimate.

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In addition to the PC, the controversial declaration was signed by the Equality Party, the Allendista Socialism Movement, the Libertarian Left, Ukamau Chile and the Movement of Settlers in Struggle (MPL). The text says that the Government of Chile made a new mistake by ignoring the electoral process of Nicaragua, of November 7, 2021.

“The Nicaraguan people went to the polls en masse to democratically elect their authorities and they have done so in peace, in accordance with their institutions and current laws. The elections were held with the presence of observers and international companions (…) The majority of the Nicaraguan people have expressed themselves at the polls, and have given legitimacy to the government of President Daniel Ortega. Our solidarity is with the Nicaraguan people and with their sovereign decision in building their future, ”the statement said.

Exclusion of the opposition and abstention

Last Wednesday, the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) assigned Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo 75.87 percent of the voting results with one hundred percent of the Voting Receiving Boards (JRV) scrutinized, but the country’s electoral authorities They are akin to the regime.

The general voting in Nicaragua, which took place on Sunday, November 7, was characterized by low citizen participation, the exclusion of the opposition (with seven pre-candidates imprisoned), and the repression against all kinds of critical demonstrations against Ortega.

According to estimates by the independent Urnas Abiertas observatory, there was a national abstention of 81.5 percent in those votes. Schools and polling stations looked empty that day.

Those elections were also characterized by not having credible electoral observers.

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