FIFA opened the first disciplinary case of the World Cup: Ecuador could be sanctioned for discriminatory chants

Ecuador could be sanctioned by FIFA (Reuters)
Ecuador could be sanctioned by FIFA (Reuters)

Two days after the opening ceremony and the first match of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the FIFA opened the first disciplinary case of the tournament after the supposed discriminatory stanzas that the fans of the Selection of Ecuador during the match against the hosts.

In an official statement, the body that regulates world football indicated that the accusations were due to the “chants” that were present at the Al Bayt Stadium and cited a section of the discipline code that pertains to this particular topic.

“The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has opened a procedure against the Ecuadorian Federation soccer due to the songs of the Ecuadorian fans”, sentenced the world soccer governing body, citing the article 13 of its disciplinary code.

The FIFA statement indicated that there were discriminatory chants by Ecuadorian fans (Reuters)
The FIFA statement indicated that there were discriminatory chants by Ecuadorian fans (Reuters)

The homophobic chants in question were addressed to the Chilean people, after the federation filed a legal case prior to the start of the competition to try to keep the Ecuadorian ticket.

To understand what happened, you have to remember that Ecuador faced a possible expulsion from the tournament after Chile denounced him for the lineup of a player who was not eligible in the Qualifiers.

Finally, the three could play the World Cup but received a point deduction for the 2026 World Cup qualifying tournament, and the footballer in question, Byron Castillo, was left out of the call to avoid further controversy.

Despite warning of the situation, FIFA did not give a date, nor a verdict on how it will act against the Ecuadorian Football Federation, which is responsible for the behavior of his fans during matches.

Possible code penalties include play a match without spectators wave ban on playing in a specific stadium.

Ecuador beat Qatar in the first match of the World Cup (Reuters)
Ecuador beat Qatar in the first match of the World Cup (Reuters)

There was no immediate response from the Ecuadorian soccer federation. that he has shared on his official channels the images of his 2-0 victory corresponding to the first date of Group A at the Al Bayt stadium.

It should be noted that during the debut of their team, the Ecuadorians present at Al Bayt also gave everyone to talk about globally for singing “We Want Beer”during the victory of the Tricolor for 2-0.

Those screams referred to to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages in the stadiums by the organizers of Qatar and FIFA.

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