Few people know, but Aniko Marcy’s husband, Gabor, left Andi Shulak a loan of 70 million.

Andrea Alomsep Sulak and her daughter

Time flies and it’s unbelievable for Andrea Szulak that he turns 60 next year.

His beautiful daughter is 16 years old.

The actress-singer over time not only lost her beauty,

from its radiation, but just the opposite. At 59, he looks great sitting on his face.

that his soul is now all right. He smiles a lot and thanks himself,

that he had overcome terribly difficult periods of his life. Andy is amazingly strong and

energetic woman. – many people of the profession talk about him.

When she divorced her daughter’s father, Gabor (current husband of Aniko Marcy).

ed.), were left alone with a loan of 70 million, which they took on their house in Buda.

up. Finally, he managed to get rid of property and credit. Then Covid

the situation that arose because of this affected him as an artist, but this did not bother him either

lost a regular source of income when he completely turned away from television,

Since then, he has been able to concentrate even more on theater and concerts, and we know

he also found happiness in his personal life. Now she lives a balanced life.

Her fans also believe that she deserves happiness.

She is raising her daughter alone, just like her mother raised her. Very sensitive

he was a child and could always count on his mother, who never remarried.

he and his father separated. The artist is considered by many to be very determined and tough.

It is believed that in the TV show, he showed that behind the harsh appearance lies a sensitive heart. HE

she shows herself to be tough in self-defense because, according to her, she grows up without a father

up, it develops a kind of protective mechanism. Hardly with father

met, but there was a very deep and close connection between him and his mother, and this

now the same thing is happening between him and his daughter. In fact, Katalin Rangos revealed on the Heti libazsir program that the relationship is even closer

he is their relationship. – Maybe even a little better. Far less

our conflict is that my mother was much more anxious, she was not a successful person.

His whole life is a different story, I am much more balanced.

“I don’t want to sit on a child like a big bird, I often ask

How can I not suck your air? mother who

she is raising the child alone.

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