Ferran Torres came out crying from Barcelona vs Napoli

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Even though that him Barcelona he had one of his best games of the year against Napoli in the Europa League, the Barça team had to settle for a draw. However, the good game of the catalans stayed in the background when Fernando Torres broke down crying after the end of the meeting.

The 21-year-old Spanish striker had a good gameiHe even scored 1-1 for Barcelona, ​​however, Several clear opportunities were presented to him that he could not specifywhich took its toll emotionally at the end of the commitment.

seeing it that way, several of his companions such as Sergio Busquets and Óscar Mingueza They went to the former Manchester City player to comfort him. Some players from the rival team, such as Giovanni Di Lorenzo, even worried about the attacker.

However, the player recovered from the strong blow and sent a message that inspires confidence in the Barça fans, who did not tire of showing their support through social networks. “This does not end here. The effort always ends up giving results”Torres wrote on his Twitter account.

Despite the result, Barcelona is not in dangersince the double value of away goals is no longer contemplateor Neither in the Champions League nor in the Europa League, therefore, the azulgranas will have to win the scoreboard at all costs against one of the best teams in Italy.

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