Fernando Palomo highlighted words by Thomas Christiansen

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Panama and El Salvador will meet tomorrow in a new round for the Concacaf Qualifiers in the Octagonal Final.

Fernando Palomo highlighted words by Thomas Christiansen
Fernando Palomo highlighted words by Thomas Christiansen

The Panama selection and the Selection of El Salvador They will face tomorrow for the day eight of the Concacaf Playoffs at Octagonal Final. The strategist Thomas Christiansen analyzed what this meeting will be in canal lands and in this scenario, the Salvadoran journalist Fernando Palomo placeholder image He highlighted some of the points that the coach of the canaleros highlighted in the previous one of this match. Both teams have different present, on the one hand, the canaleros are located in the fourth position in the classification table, just two points behind Canada in third place. While the Salvadorans are in the seventh box with six units within seven points of being in one of the three places that will award a ticket to the Qatar World Cup 2022.

“El Salvador is a team that knows what it plays. From the midfield upwards it has high quality players who have a way of playing quite similar to Honduras, a fairly vertical game. It is not about raffling the ball and when they raffle it it is meaningful and that’s what we have to control “ , had commented Thomas Christiansen and this brought a response from Fernando Palomo through social networks.

Through his official Twitter account, the Salvadoran journalist Fernando Palomo wrote the following. “The DT of Panama says it. In #LaSelecta there is a game. He lacks confidence from the outside and order to that structure”Palomo said, highlighting that in the group led by Hugo Pérez there are the tools to do a great job and demonstrate operation, but without order from the top managers, it will be complicated.

Remember that both selections: Panama and El Salvador met in the Qualifiers only in the 2004 hexagonal. At that time, Panama won the 3-0 victory with goals from Felipe Baloy, Enrique Brown and Roberto Garcés. This will be the second duel for this competition and could be defining for the hope of some of the two to qualify for the Qatar World Cup 2022.

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