Felipe Nori was received from a doctor after presenting an amparo

Felipe Nori Haggi Lacerda, The Brazilian sentenced in 2019 to three years in suspended prison for illegally practicing medicine in Cañuelas without having completed the degree, has just graduated. On November 24, the last leg was rendered of the five subjects that he owed (Annual Rotating Internship) and he is already in a position to work once he completes the administrative procedures. Simultaneously, he plans to do a postgraduate in aesthetic medicine.

Nori was able to resume her medical career only in January of this year. Although the sentence handed down against him did not prevent him from returning to college, the University of Morón He restricted his access and for that reason he presented a precautionary measure in the civil justice, which ruled in his favor. He finally managed to get admitted to another private university whose name for now keeps in reserve.

The sentence handed down in 2019 expires in December 2022 and until then Nori must remain in Argentina. But it also has other open judicial fronts (malpractice complaints and a criminal lawsuit for fraud that Councilor Diana Barcia promoted in January 2020, demanding that he return the salaries collected in the Marzetti in an irregular manner).

“Beyond these pending issues my intention was always to stay in Argentina. I imagine that in the middle of next year I will finish the registration procedures to start working. My idea is to continue studying and do a postgraduate degree in aesthetic medicine that lasts for one year ”he told InfoCañuelas.

“My husband (by Leandro Acevedo, expelled from the City Police when the scandal of the “tricksy doctors” broke out) he is finishing his law degree, so we both have the decision to stay. He is also in legal proceedings to be reinstated to the police. He was expelled based on journalistic news, without a legal basis, and that is why he is fighting to have that decision reviewed ”.

When asked about the lessons he learned from the sentence, he said that the situation “turned around” his entire life. “When all this happened I did not have the dimension of where I was getting. Once I spent the first month in Cañuelas, I didn’t know what to do, whether to go forward or backward, I got into a situation where I didn’t know how to react.. That’s why when I asked for a license to get married it was like a click that prompted me to get out of that situation and not return. There I said ‘enough’, I can’t continue in this. Being detained for 16 days was also very hard because you find yourself in a 3 x 3 room with people who do not know who they are or why they are there, with the fear of not knowing what could happen to you. And then when I left the Detachment, the fear of what might happen because he knew the size of the problem. My family, my loved ones, were my support throughout that moment ”.

Felipe Nori was received on November 24.

Assures that lost all contact with Fabiana Pereyra (who facilitated his entry to the Marzetti) and the other officials. “They never spoke to me again.” However, he assures that he does not feel upset for being the only one convicted so far in a cause that had a dozen protagonists. “It is not in my hands that justice reaches everyone, that is precisely in the hands of justice and capable that not even justice, but life itself is going to make sure that each one responds for what they did ”.

For Nori having received it is a kind of redemption. “Let people know that I was close to finishing and that I never wanted to harm anyone in Cañuelas. At that time I had only five subjects missing and I had enough knowledge to be. I would never have exposed someone while in the first or second year of the degree, when one does not know what the disease or the treatment is. I was always very clear that I had the necessary knowledge ”.


Felipe Nori Haggi Lacerda worked at the Marzetti Hospital in Cañuelas and in health units between August 1, 2017 and April 2018 with the identity of Joao Peixoto Dos Santos Neto, a friend who had already been received. During those months he received salaries of between 75,000 and 110,000 pesos for a total of $ 730,000. In the same period, he transferred to the coordinator of guards Fabiana Pereyra a total of $ 272,000 to your Banco Provincia account, which would be for returns.

During the oral trial Pereyra said that that money was the payment of the catering service that he carried out on the occasion of his wedding. He added that Nori transferred the money to his salary account because, being new to the gastronomic activity, he lacked another account to receive the deposits.

On December 13, 2019, Nori was sentenced to three years in suspended prison. for the crimes of illegal exercise of medicine, usurpation of titles and honors and use of false documents, all in real competition with each other. The sentence became effective on December 23, 2019 and It will expire on December 23, 2022.

The judge Cecilia Sanucci, head of the Oral Court 1 of La Plata, also decreed that during that period he must:

A) Establish domicile within the country.
B) Submit bimonthly to the controls of the Patronage of Released.
C) Make a donation of 100,000 pesos to the Children’s Hospital of La Plata as reparation for the illegal practice of medicine. Nori maintains that he tried to make this donation to the Marzetti Hospital in Cañuelas, but that justice prevented him from doing so.

Federico Pequeno testifying in the oral trial. InfoCañuelas file.

During the reading of the ruling, the judge significantly appreciated the collaboration provided by Nori when He described the modus operandi used at the Marzetti to carry out irregular hires.

From the contradictions they incurred Brenda Rodriguez (Legal advisor to Marzetti) and Fabiana Pereyra, Judge Sanucci asked to initiate against both a new cause for the alleged crime of false testimony and also for illicit enrichment against the latter.

Sanucci raised the existence of a series of crimes that exceeded the trial against Nori. In that sense, he said that the contradictions of the various witnesses allowed us to glimpse a probable “corruption network” of a “permanent nature” Therefore, he asked to send the minutes of the debate to the Public Prosecutor 17, in order to be incorporated into the case for Embezzlement of public funds that is being investigated there (the so-called “cause of the raid”).

Brenda Rodríguez testifying at the trial. InfoCañuelas file.

Along these lines, he requested that the possible commission of crimes by Federico Pequeno, Hernán Carpio, Diana Barcia, Brenda Rodríguez, Verónica Velázquez, Fabiana Pereyra and Teresa Domínguez.

In July 2020, the Court of Guarantees 8 of Cañuelas brought to trial the case against the second defendant in this scandal, the also Brazilian Thais Soares Costa (who illegally practiced medicine in Cañuelas from November 1, 2017 to July 8, 2018 using the identity of Sonia Banhuki Galvao). During that period, he received irregular salaries for $ 620,000

Along with the case of Soares Costa, a related file against his friend was also brought to trial. Renné Antonio Alves Dos Santos for “Cover-up”. Alves, already received, also worked at the Marzetti, lived with Soares Costa, they studied together in Morón, he knew that she had not finished her degree and yet the hospital authorities did not inform her.

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