Fear The Walking Dead: What Amina means and what connection does it have with Madison Clark

The seventh season of Fear The Walking Dead showed us an episode called “Amina”, which was not only number 100, but had an important connection to Madison Clark and this is what it really meant.

The fifteenth episode of the seventh season of fear the walking dead It is number 100 and also bears the name of an important character who appeared in the final moments of the installment. Although he may not look like it, “Amina” is a household name to fans of the show, but he hasn’t appeared on the series in a while and is highly connected to Madison Clark (played by Kim Dickens).

Fear The Walking Dead: Alice Finds The Videotape Named Amina

In episode 15, Alicia (Alycia Debnam Carey) has one last mission: to rescue a friend from a burning tower while fighting the infection that is slowly killing her. When we first read the promotional description for the episode, we assume that friend is Madison, with her refined discretion. Actually, it is much more complicated than that. The friend he’s chasing is a hallucinated girl in a gas mask who turns out to be a younger version of herself.

The other friend is Victor Strand (colman domingo), and saving him means that Alice may have saved the part of herself that still wants to see the good in people. But what did Amina mean? It is actually the name of the videotape that Alicia finds in this episode, which turns out to be a conversation with Madison recorded by Althea “Al” (Maggie Grace) at the time. The episode features flashbacks to highlights of the conversation, which was shown in full in season four following Madison’s “death”.

Amina’s story is about a bird that crashed through the windows of the house where the Clark family vacationed when Alicia and Nick (Frank Dillane) were still children. The bird’s wings were broken, but Alicia and Nick were determined to care for it, feeding it and giving it drip water. The bird was not supposed to survive, but one day it began to fly around the room. The children named the bird Wilhemina, or Amina for short.

Fear The Walking Dead: Madison explains who Amina was to her family

The significance of the bird’s miraculous healing lies in Madison’s love for children in difficult times of the apocalypse. Madison tells Amina’s story, citing her children as the only reason the bird hoped to survive. She breaks down and says that she wants to find a place for her children to keep hope. In fact, Amina’s story prompted her to make the stadium a community in the early seasons.

Interestingly, moving on to the seventh season of Fear The Walking Dead, Alice meets another bird that “shows her the way.” She urges Alicia to find and rescue Strand, whom she believed to be hopeless. In a final gesture of acknowledgment that she must stay alive to help the humans, she helps the bird escape from the burning tower. The resurrection of Amina’s concept was a sign that Madison would be back soon, something that was confirmed in the final episode of the seventh installment.

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