FBI: Most Wanted: Season 4 Trailer Reveals Dylan McDermott’s Return

Since the departure of Julian McMahon, actor Dylan McDermott has been taking the helm of the FBI: Most Wanted series, especially for the season 4 premiere where his action-packed return has been revealed.

After a hiatus of several months, the fourth season of the spin-off of FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, will return to the small screen on Tuesday, September 20. Before the premiere of the fourth installment, the television network CBS shares key details and a new trailer for the upcoming episode to get fans and viewers excited. However, the clip shows the actor’s shocking, action-packed comeback. Dylan McDermott.

FBI: Most Wanted: What to Expect from Dylan McDermott for Season 4

The first episode of the fourth season of FBI: Most Wanted, entitled “Iron Pipeline”, promises to be packed. In the new chapter, the fugitive recovery unit will do what they do best: search for the killers of a family of four suspected of being involved in the illegal arms trade. Here, Remy (Dylan McDermott) and Barnes (Roxy Sternberg) finally reunite when Barnes returns from her maternity leave.

Let’s remember that Dylan McDermott is a newcomer to the series, having assumed the role of Commander of the Special Task Force following the departure of the actor Julian McMahon as Jess LaCroix in the show’s third season, but it’s now hinted that Agent Barnes will have a hard time adjusting to Remy’s leadership style.

The new ad features the official introduction of Barnes and Remy, which also mentions the transfer of Iván Ortiz (Miguel Gomez) to Los Angeles to care for her ailing father. But, this is an excuse on the part of the producers, because the actor also left the series after the third season. However, the clip also includes chilling news footage of the Delaware summer camp shooting.

It’s still unclear how this will fit into the episode, as well as the professional relationship between Remy and Barnes. In addition to Dylan McDermott Y Roxy Sternberg, FBI: Most Wanted will also feature Keisha Castle Hughes, Alexa Davalos and Edwin Hodge. Y’s characterYa GosselinTali, who was accepted into a prestigious boarding school in Canada, also left in the third season.

So far the fourth season of the long-awaited series FBI: Most Wanted return to screens CBS on Tuesday, September 20, and will air live and on demand on Paramount+. Despite the departure of several of its main stars, the arrival of Dylan McDermott seems to have picked up the show’s audience again.

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