Fatih Portakal announced the date of return

Working as a presenter on Sözcü TV, Fatih Portakal, who reacted in his own words to the reporter who voiced the news in his release, and after a while left the channel, starts broadcasting on Youtube again.

After leaving Fox TV, Portakal, which took a break from these broadcasts when it switched to Sözcü TV broadcasting on Youtube, announced that it would return to the platform from July 24th.

In his Twitter video post, Portacal used the phrase “I will start my Youtube streams at 11:00 am on July 24th.”

During his release on Sözcü TV, Fatih Portakal used the following expressions in response to the “Outer Voice” who announced the news:

“How, do you like the voice acting, huh? Do you like it? I don’t like. I am responsible for everything in this news because I give my name to this newsletter. I have given my name to this newsletter. Therefore, I would like to see the same practice, compassion and self-sacrifice in the content of the news, as well as in its sound. Because I’m with you. Because I give my name to this news. Everything, from editing to voice acting, lies with me. Unfortunately, I take this responsibility upon myself. And I apologize to you for that voice-over.”

This attitude of Portakal sparked a reaction on social media.

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