Fan Request – Audi-ETO Gallery wants to be the best on all fronts

The floor was taken by head coach Ulrik Kirkeli, who first spoke about the difficulties of the Hungarian language, the beauty of Gyor and the kindness of the people who live here, and then moved on to the profession.

“Almost from the first moment I prepared a preparation plan, got into a fantastic team, the girls confirmed my expectations. In the beginning, the emphasis was on physical work, even when we were already playing training matches. We want to get to a good level as soon as possible, but we will also need patience as the system is new in both defense and attack, it will take time for it to work the way we want. So far we are on the right track, but in the future it will definitely change. We start the season against Bekescsaba on Wednesday, I’m really looking forward to the start, which will be special because of the Olympics, you also need to pay attention to your fitness. It will not be easy for us in BL, never in this series, but I’m happy with a draw. We play against difficult, but not invincible opponents. We start on the road with Brest, it doesn’t matter if at the beginning an opponent of this level comes up against us. We are ready for the competition, the team is also looking forward to playing in the BL again,” said the Danish coach.

Kari Bratseth Dale, captain of the team, said: “I think we are in good shape, we have a strong team, the connection between the players is strong both on and off the field. We start the season with great hopes. The first weeks were difficult as they were full of physical work. The arrival of two new coaches has benefited the team, the new style suits the team and the new teammates fit in so well that sometimes it feels like they’ve been here a long time.

Of his role as team captain, the Norwegian player said: “I’m proud to be the team captain, it’s an honor to be given this task, but I’m glad I’m not alone in this role.” To the great joy of those present, the midfielder added: “I’m really looking forward to the season, I hope that we will win everything with the help of our public.”

Among the new compositions, Bruna De Paula said that she does not have much time to get to know the city yet, but she is sure that she will have a good time in Gyor.

“Ever since I started playing handball, I have dreamed of playing ETO one day. That it came true was a dream. I will give everything to win everything with the team,” said the Brazilian coach.

Rinka Duindam had already played for Dortmund against ETO, so perhaps he didn’t believe he would one day become an ETO player.

“When I first received a call from Gyor, I immediately texted my father, I was so surprised. I was also very excited, but I wanted to join this adventure. This special feeling remains even now, moreover, I am even more excited about the upcoming official matches,” said the goalkeeper of the Dutch national team.

Emily Hovden, like De Paula, had a big dream come true – a contract with Gyor.

“I’m glad to be here, I confess I was quite surprised that there were more fans outside at the first open practice than before at our games in Norway. I’m really looking forward to the start, it was nice to play in home training matches, and in match matches it can be even better. This will be my first season in BL, my teammates are fantastic, I want to do my best so that we can reach our goals together,” said the Norwegian right winger.

Second coach Christian Danielsen said that a few years ago he also expressed the idea that he would like to work in Gyor for at least one day.

“This is a great opportunity for me, it was a great honor for me when Ulrik and ETO contacted me. I waited for this dream for seven years and almost immediately said yes. Frankly, I’m a little nervous before the start, but over time it will definitely pass. Much is new for Ulrik and me, the circumstances are new, but on the whole we are satisfied, the preparation went well. Ulrik and I have a good division of labor, we talk a lot about handball. In attack, the game bears the traces of my hand, I hope the fans will be satisfied with this,” said the Danish specialist.

Following this, three new players presented this year’s jerseys, followed by questions from the fans. From them it became clear that Veronika Kristinsen and Silje Solberg will return to Győr in September and October and gradually join the work.

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