“Family Grandstand” at the Kandang Bajul Ijo game


PersebaiaSurabaya make a breakthrough in 1st league 2023/2024. Panpel Bajul Ijo held the grandstand for family viewing at the stadium.

The “Family Tribune” has been hosted by Persebaia since Ligue 1 this season. The ban on away team fans on tour provoked the opening of a special tribune for families.

The stands are guaranteed to be free of cigarette smoke and hate. Families can also comfortably watch Persebaya matches.

Persebaia We used the family stands for these two matches. So yesterday we prepared Barito (putera) at gate 1,” said Ram Surahman, Persebaya Panpel, on the Ligue 1 website.

“So Gate 1 is actually usually used for visiting teams, but since there are rules, there are no fans from visiting teams, so we use them for family stands,” he explained.

The positive answer mentioned by Ram was received by Panpel in the presence of the tribune. He rang at gate 1, the tickets are sold out.

“Alhamdulillah, it’s full before Barito’s opponent (Puter) had a lot of positive evidence,” Ram said.

The presence of the “family tribune” did not elicit a positive reaction from Persebay on the field. In the last two home games, Aji Santoso’s team has yet to win.

Persebaia compensated by Barito Putera in the second week. On Sunday (23.07.2023) Persebaya was held by RANS Nusantara FC with a final score of 2-2.


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