Faced with the deterioration of private medicine

Free exercise health professionals come together to defend their interests and those of their patients through Unipromel

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Ignacio Guerrero

President of Unipromel

As president of the Professional Medical Association Unipromel, constituted by unanimous decision of the General Assembly of the Board of Directors of the Collegiate Medical Organization (OMC) after the celebration of the 2nd Congress of private medicine in November 2019, and after a period of silence forced by the pandemic, I want to inform all doctors and other agents who operate in the so-called Private Healthcare the following:

We denounce market intervention

We denounce the intervention of the market by the insurers, which in a totally calculated way have appropriated the natural clientele of the doctor, imposing on him an unwanted and de facto intermediation, becoming the dominant power in the sector, exceeding what the Law dictates General Insurance, which would only be the risk coverage, and assuming the highest authority in the Doctor-Patient relationship, unilaterally setting the price of the benefit and what is more serious, selecting and excluding the doctors who in each province intend to operate in a free and healthy competition.

The patient is no longer his doctor

To further complicate the free and independent Doctor-Patient relationship, since the economic crisis of 2008 and perhaps motivated by cuts in public Health, we have witnessed a necessary but not suspicious renovation of the private hospital park with the irruption of large investments coming from big capital, who have come to intervene and dominate a sector in which they should only play the role of “industry” as owners of health infrastructures, but scrupulously respecting the freedom of doctors and patients and not competing unfairly to prevail in the market; what they do, like insurance companies, appropriating the doctors’ clientele and creating a kind of “brand” where the patients no longer belong to their doctor but to a hospital group, which selects and discriminates against doctors according to whether or not they accept their conditions .

In the hands of large insurance companies and hospital groups

And to close the fence on the free and independent doctor-patient relationship, private hospital groups and large insurance companies meet and agree on market conditions at the national or provincial level according to their interests, excluding the doctor and the patient from decision-making. even ignoring them despite being its main protagonists.

The IDIS Foundation is proof of this and you just have to investigate who is part of it and verify that neither the doctors nor the patients are there.

Medical organizations, both collegiate and scientific societies have warned that the “deterioration” in working conditions and the freezing, for decades, of what is paid to the doctor per clinical or surgical act, “damages” quality and “may put at risk ”the safety of the patient, as reflected in the manifesto called“ dignifies ”signed by more than 10 of these societies.

Unfair competition

The WTO itself has published and denounced everything that I describe in the Report on the conditions of competition in the private healthcare market, presented by the General Council of Official Medical Associations. It identifies and reveals “the existence of practices that may constitute an infringement of current regulations on the defense of competition and unfair competition.”

Specifically, the CGCOM indicates that the study reflects indications of abuse of a dominant position in the relevant market by unilateral setting of scales; unilateral imposition of other conditions of the commercial relationship or obstacles in the development of the activity of the physicians, among others.

Scales frozen for 30 years

In this sense, the scientific societies are calling for all of them to update their Nomenclators and to “review the Coverage Scales in force and frozen for 30 years and to estimate whether or not the price per act imposed by insurers is reasonable or not.” Doctors are fundamental for the well-being of the population and we cannot accept cuts in the financing of quality care, which has been the flag of private medicine, because it goes against the interests of the patients themselves who, ignorant, have trusted your annual financial provision to your insurance company without having been informed in a transparent way in the conditions of your policy.

Why was Unipromel born

I think it is not necessary to say anything more and if someone still doubts the need to promote and support an Association like Unipromel, which was born to represent and defend the rights of doctors to exercise their profession freely and subject only to their commitment Ethical and deontological with their patients, I put myself at their disposal to explain it to them a thousand times, because we are risking the future because of our eternal disunity, because of our indolence and resignation during these more than 30 years.

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