Expulsion of Party 47 officials involved in the registration case

(Dan Chi) – Responding to voters in Hanoi, the Ministry of Transport announced party discipline measures for officials who violate registration fields.

The Ministry of Transportation has just sent a written response to the voters of Hanoi regarding the results of the elimination of violations against officials and members of the party in registration activities, which has led to a nationwide car registration crisis.

Voters asked the Ministry of Transport to clarify its responsibility for past registration violations.

Mr. Dang Viet Ha was prosecuted and detained when he was the director of the registration department (Photo: courtesy of the police).

In response to voters, the Ministry of Transport said that the party commission for civil affairs and the leadership of the Ministry of Transport assessed the presence of many shortcomings and errors in registration activities, first of all, it is necessary to mention the duties of the heads of departments. .due to careless management, lack of sense of responsibility.

On this basis, the Party Committee of the Ministry of Transport informed the Party Committee of Central Organ Blocks to consider and decide on the expulsion from the Party of Mr. Dang Viet Ha, Director of the Registration Department.

The Party Committee of the Ministry of Transportation also decided to expel Mr. Dang Chan Khan, a member of the Party Executive Committee of the Registration Department, Deputy Head of the Automobile Inspection Department, from the Party.

In addition, the party committee of the registration department decided to discipline the branch in the form of a warning, the expulsion of 47 party members from the party, and the suspension of the party’s activities of 24 members.

In addition to party discipline, the Ministry of Transport said that civil servants and civil servants of the registry industry who were subject to criminal prosecution would have to be held criminally liable and liable for compensation in accordance with criminal processes and procedures.

Since the end of 2022 and the first months of 2023, the local police have simultaneously carried out special investigations, revealed many serious irregularities in the registration activities in the Vietnam Register and its related units.

Many check-in points and inspection lines have stopped working due to poor conditions, resulting in road congestion, hardship and frustration for people and businesses.

The Ministry of Transport reported that at the moment traffic jams in registration centers have been eliminated.

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