Explanation of the sex between Billy Butcher and Queen Maeve

One of the great mysteries of The Boys has been explained by the creator of the series. It’s about the sex between Billy Butcher and Queen Maeve.

the creator of TheBoys, Eric Kripkeexplained the surprising sex scene between billy butcher Y Queen Maeve. He has also talked about what a budding relationship can become. In a recent interview with TV Line, the filmmaker discussed that moment in the third season. According to the showrunner, the sexual encounter was inspired by the hot scene in Monster’s Ball. In that film, the characters of Billy Bob Thornton Y Halle Berry they copulated in the midst of all their emotional pain.

“The writers talked about that moment and described it as a bit dirty and desperate,” explained the creator of TheBoys about the Billy Butcher and Queen Maeve sex scene. “We’re talking about Monster’s Ball, when Billy Bob Thornton and Halley Berry copulate. It’s so dirty because they’re both mourning death. So, we talked about how both characters are so cornered in that moment. Also, they both have many things in common. It is surprising, but it is so. They hate Patriot, they hate superheroes. In general, they are truly emotionally screwed. Then it just explodes all over that physical connection.”

What will happen now with the Wonder Woman of this universe?

Eric Kripke went on to explain how Karl Urban was inspired by the sexual scene between Jack Nicholson Y Jessica Lang in the postman Always calls two times (1981). This influenced the staging of the desperate sexual game between Billy Butcher and Queen Maeve in TheBoys. After the sexual affair, Queen Maeve found herself in even more dire straits because Patriot smelled Billy Butcher’s scent on her. That caused that BlackNoir He ended up kidnapping her.

While star light feared that she was dead, the executive Ashley told a story about the engagement of the wonder-woman of TheBoys in a mental health center. Eric Kripke seemed to confirm that Queen Maeve is at least alive, but said fans should be concerned because “she’s in a bind.” Will Billy Butcher go to rescue her from her?

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