Exercises to strengthen the back in the elderly

Having a birthday does not mean that you have to put aside the practice of physical activity more and more, in fact, it should be just the opposite. Exercises for the elderly are a source of benefits capable of completely changing the direction in which their health is headed. In addition to physical well-being, the positive charge in the psychological, emotional and social aspect is of great help. Greater strength and resistance, improve memory and reflexes, perform leisure activities and even socialize. Some of the advantages of practicing physical activity in the elderly.

The degeneration of the joints, the loss of muscle mass and the growing weakness of the bones lead to the appearance or accentuation of certain problems, one of the most common being back pain. Fortunately, this can be improved and alleviated thanks to sport. After a warm-up and a series of stretches that prepare the body to avoid injuries, these exercises will improve back health in older people.

The most recommended back exercises for seniors

Improving posture, developing a sense of balance, reducing the risk of falls, regaining flexibility and, of course, reducing pain and discomfort are the benefits that an elderly person can obtain thanks to these specific exercises for the back. The ideal would be to adopt them as part of the routine, one more habit that uses perseverance so that the positive effects are not only noticeable, but also remain over time.

3 exercises to strengthen the back in older people


pelvic lift. From a lying position and face up, the knees are flexed and the arms are stretched on each side of the body. Next, it will be necessary to start a movement of elevation of the pelvis, slowly and without forcing. It is important to keep your back straight at all times and put pressure on your abdomen. After a few seconds holding that position, return to the initial position.


Hip tilt. To perform this exercise you have to start with a position very similar to the previous one. Face up and knees bent, but this time keeping feet aligned with hips and arms stretched out in the shape of a cross with palms up. What you need to do next is gently and progressively rotate your hips to the side. Stay for a few seconds and repeat it towards the opposite also for a short time.


Cat pose. One of the most common yoga positions will be highly beneficial for the back. It consists of standing on all fours with straight arms, emulating a cat when walking. The exercise is based on arching the back, compressing the stomach while taking a breath. A few moments later, the shoulder blades contract and oxygen is released as the posture relaxes.

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