Exchange makes announcement regarding PIK2 (PANI) shares

JAKARTA, – Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) made a statement unusual market activity (UMA) on PT Pantai Indah Kapuk Dua Tbk (PANI) or PIK2 shares.

“We hereby inform you of an unusual increase in the share price of PT Pantai Indah Kapuk Dua Tbk (PANI).unusual market activity),” explained in an IDX announcement dated August 28, 2023.

IDX stressed that the UMA announcement does not necessarily indicate a violation of laws and regulations in the capital market sector. The latest information about listed companies is the information dated August 24, 2023, published on the website Web site IDX to convene an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders.

In connection with the emergence unusual market activity for PANI shares, IDX is currently overseeing the development of this share trading model. Therefore, investors are expected to:

A. Considering the response of the listed company to the stock exchange’s confirmation request;

b. Monitoring the activities of listed companies and disclosure of their information;

V. Overview of plans corporate actions a listed company if the plan has not yet been approved by GMS;

e. Before making an investment decision, consider the various possibilities that may arise in the future.


Editor: Teresa Sandra Desfika

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