everything you need to know about the 21st edition of the horror festival

Summer has come and it is time to let yourself be carried away by the nightmares that the Macabre Festival has prepared this year where the dystopias and horrors of the near future will take over the big screen.

In addition to the theme that prevails in much of the programming, there will be tributes to figures like Jordan Peele with a pre-release screening of his new film, nope!as well as a documentary in honor of HP Lovecraft and even an acknowledgment of the importance of the characters played by Enrique Rocha in Mexican horror cinema.

A Macabre summer with Jordan Peele, Enrique Rocha and post-apocalyptic futures

First of all, we have the great news that Macabro, will hold a retrospective of the work of Jordan Peele at the Cineteca Nacional. On Monday the 22nd and Tuesday the 23rd, fans will be able to relive get-out Y Uswhile the next day, they will have the opportunity to see their new film in pre-premiere, Nope!again starring Daniel Kaluuya and the African-American star, Keith David.

On the other hand, honor to whom honor is due: he not only induced a whole generation to Bacachá, Enrique Rocha will be honored with four titles that show his time in Mexican horror cinema one year after his death. Satanic Pandemonium, queen doll, the possessed Y Satan of all horrorscan be seen in special functions, either in the Pantheon of San Fernando or through the Channel 22 signal.

This year’s theme addresses dystopian cinema from different angles and for this, we will see classic tapes like War of the Worlds (the one from the 50s, not the one with Dakota Fanning in ET mode), Zardoz (with Sean Connery’s sultry mustache), the wild planeta double bill that includes the classic short film by Chris Marker, La Jetéenext to 12 Monkeys by Terry Gilliam. As a closing in the Library of Mexico, the recently deceased Felipe Cazals will also be remembered with one of his most ad hoc works at the time: the year of the plaguewinner of the Ariel for best film in 1979.

Of course, Macabro also has a huge variety of premieres ready and here are our top recommendations:

  • What Josiah Saw. Robert Patrick and Nick Stahl (who will be a special guest this year), star in a southern gothic tale where a family evades the reality behind an incident that led the mother to commit suicide years ago. Although the second act fails a bit, the final twist is quite disturbing.
  • The Retaliators. Hilarious slasher that no dusty fan should miss. Could you ever imagine seeing Jacoby Shaddix himself as a serial killer? Smile, in this movie that also has cameos from Ice Nine Kills and Tommy Lee, you can see it. As a dressing, you will hear music from Asking Alexandria and The Hu. Little gem.
  • SheWill. Another of the strong cards is this first film where a retired actress fights against the ghosts of her past during a post-operation retreat. However, her place gives her the strength of the spirits of women accused of witchcraft to take revenge from a distance on the director who abused her during her youth. Malcolm McDowell acts as the antagonist.
  • Horrible Movie: the History of Russian Trash Cinema. This is a very interesting guerrilla documentary about the history of amateur cinema produced in Russia during the 1990s and at the beginning of the new millennium. The stories were wacky, the acting was lousy, and the effects were lousy, but these writers had something you can’t get with big budgets: a personality.
  • The days that (never) were. In this sacrosanct space I have not tired of recommending Psychonauts and on this occasion, Pedro Rivero, author of that film, co-directs this animated short film that addresses the insatiable paranoia caused by the pandemic lockdown. Available online through Filmin Latino.

When and where is the appointment of the Macabre Festival

The Macabre Festival will take place from August 17 to 28 at various points in CDMX such as the Cineteca Nacional, Cinematografía del Chopo, La Casa del Cine, Circo Volador, Faros circuit, as well as in the FES Acatlán and the Luis Buñuel Cinematheque in Puebla. In addition, you can check the vast majority of short films, as well as the documentary Lovecraft Exegesis in Filmin Latino.

Get your tickets for Cineteca through its official website.

Macabre Festival 2022 Poster
This year’s poster takes us inside the technological horrors. Image: macabre.mx

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