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We are close to knowing who will receive the award for the best performances of 2022. One of the most outstanding is Michelle Yeoh, who thanks to ‘Everything Everywhere’ will probably snatch the title from Margot Robbie and Cate Blanchett.

Awards season is imminent and the countdown to meet this year’s top movie winners is almost over. Next Tuesday, January 10, the delivery of the 2023 Golden Globes will take place, which marks the beginning of the great recognition ceremonies in Hollywood until ending with the Oscars. The Best Actress category is one of the most fought over in 2022: Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Cate Blanchett, Ana de Armas, and Michelle Yeoh.

After winning huge acclaim for her performance as Evelyn Quan Wang in the film Everything everywhere at the same time, Yeoh is positioned as the favorite of many to win one of the highest awards of the seventh art. The actress and model originally from Malaysia established herself in the film industry with the film The tiger and the dragon by Ang Lee, but 22 years later it has arrived to destroy everything.

His incredible performance within the multiverse in the production of A24 impressed the critics and became the most relevant thing on the internet; the actress of Morgan was named by the magazine TIME as one of the most influential people globally in 2022. As every year, the categories dedicated to acting are among the most competitive, and although sometimes it is very marked who will be the winners of the night, on this occasion everything could change, because there is one that stands out from all of them and not only for its interpretation.

The last time Michelle Yeoh was close to reaching the Oscars was with the film madly millionaires, but unfortunately the idea of ​​being nominated was only a dream; while her other contenders have sat in the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles at least twice. That does not mean that their respective performances are not worthy of being there, but rather that a change is being experienced in the industry that seeks to give non-white artists greater visibility and opportunities.


One of the biggest contenders to sweep the awards is Cate Blanchett for tarwho has previously won them with his participation in the tapes blue jasmine Y The Aviator. Margot Robbie, who plays Nellie LaRoy in Babylonhas also been nominated for I, Tonya Y The scandal. Viola Davis won it by fences in 2017, but The Asian community has never been chosen to receive a Best Actress award in the entire history of cinema..

In the film directed by Daniel Scheinert and Dan Kwan, Michelle had the opportunity to demonstrate all her artistic skills better than ever before: acting, physical prowess, his ability to develop a character (or several) in front of the camera, as well as exploit his sense of humor and explore horror. His costar Jonathan Ke Quan is also a favorite this awards season, so maybe Everything everywhere at the same time be the project that takes its stars to the pinnacle of their filmographies.


“I’ve waited a long time for a script like this. Because as you get older, the supply of roles gets smaller and smaller. Especially for us, it’s never been an easy start.” Yeoh joined Michelle Williams, Claire Foy and other actresses at a panel discussion hosted by The Hollywood Reporterand commented that it is very rewarding to be part of a production as such, since Asian actors rarely receive an opportunity like that.

the protagonist of The Witcher: Blood Origin expressed his dissatisfaction with the positions in the industry: “The truth is that I envy you a lot because you have the opportunity to experience all possible roles, but we only get one chance in our lives”. The Daniels assured that they wrote the character always keeping the actress in mind, since she was the only one indicated to give life to all Evelyn Wang’s counterparts, which speaks of her great acting ability and essence as her personality in the movies.


Much like the Best Actor fight between Tom Cruise and Brendan Fraser, the competition is extremely close for actresses. Perhaps Blanchett and Robbie give sensational performances under the directions of Todd Field and Damien Chazelle, but rarely have we seen nominations for performances in action and adventure films, we almost always see that the dramatic genre dominates the categories.

The role that Yeoh plays on this occasion is one of the most vast and original that has been given in recent years, so If she won the award, the Malaysian actress would mark a unique event in the history of cinema, and more than deserved., making visible the recognition that should have been given to Asian artists for years. Bong Joon-ho got it with parasitesWill such a feat be accomplished for Michelle in Hollywood?

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