eSports, plummeting and the future of your projects

It’s the end of an era for him. FC Barcelona. Gerard Piqué has announced his retirement from football, a decision that takes effect immediately, playing his last game as a professional this Saturday at the Camp Nou. Titles, goals and many victories make up the legacy of the central defender, who will now be able to fully focus on his projects off the pitch.

The renewed Davis Cup is one of them, but the truth is that Piqué has also shown great interest in the world of video games. So much so that we have been able to see him creating an eSports team with Ibai, founding his first development studio and focusing on all kinds of initiatives.

The history of football in video games: how it was born and what has become of the great forgotten sagas of football

KOI, the definitive alliance with Ibai Llanos

Koisquad Team Ibai Pique

The excellent relationship between the footballer and the streamer is well known. Cosmos Holding, the sporting branch of Piqué’s companies, bought the rights to the French Ligue 1, which led to Ibai paying to be able to broadcast PSG’s first game with Messi in the team on Twitch. It was the first stone of a collaboration that has been spreading.

World balloon championships and Copa America through, both were associated to shape KOI, the eSports team aimed at League of Legends. EMR was the company chosen by Piqué to build the club that has existed for a year and has extended its possibilities to titles such as Valorant or Team Fight Tactics.

Virtual league with Konami

Efootball Pro

Konami has distinguished itself in recent years by completely changing the format to ESP to make the leap to being free with eFootball. However, that has not prevented him from having close agreements with FC Barcelona, ​​Liverpool or FC Bayern. As a result, Pique created eFootball.Proa company that allied itself with the Japanese company to inaugurate a virtual league between soccer clubs

The rise and fall of his first video game

Kerad Games

Not only does the Blaugrana legend stay in the field of competitions. Kerad Games was the first step in the industry with its own label and with a really small capital of just 50,000 euros. Online games for all kinds of networks and devices was the objective set by the study, which managed to release works such as GoldenManager, Trivia League Y Stop&Goal.

Only the first achieved significant success, but the truth is that none of the titles returned the necessary figures to guarantee the viability of the company. Finally, in 2018 Kerad Games closed with 35 employees awaiting their future towards other Piqué companies. The losses exceeded the barrier of two million euros.

The blockchain as a tool for the future

Almost Piqué has invested 14 million euros in Goals, a peculiar soccer video game whose economy is based on the blockchain and play to earn. In other words, cryptocurrencies have a key weight in the work. Piqué has not been alone in this adventure, since he has received support from other companies such as Boring Capital, Banana Capital, Monfire Ventures or Cherry Ventures

Given the “frustration” that Frank Perers, an economist at Goals, appreciates, the title stands as “a different option providing a faster response game and highlighting the true ownership of digital assets.” The truth is that this will have to be seen, since only a pre-alpha is what has been shown at this time.

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