Espanyol “has decided not to have institutional representation” against Barcelona after the ‘Lewandowski case’

Robert Lewandowski will finally be able to play the derby against Espanyol after being granted the precautionary measure requested by Barcelona

After the situation they live Barcelona and Spanish with the ‘yes’ for him to play Robert Lewandowskithe ‘Periquito’ club announced in a press release that “the Club has decided not to have institutional representation of the RCD Espanyol in the league match to be played tomorrow at the Spotify Camp Nou”.

In the same way, the dome announced that in the return game of the league it will not allow access to the culés fans, this after knowing that the Barcelona will prohibit the entry of visiting fans who wear the white and blue shirt.

“Like those parakeet fans who could have purchased tickets individually, who today have been informed that they will not be allowed to enter with clothing from the RCD Espanyolwe will support the team from a distance, aware that tomorrow more than ever we will fight together as one Team for something more than 3 points”.

The CEO of the RCD Espanyol, Mao Yeaffirmed this Friday that the club finds the decision to apply the precautionary suspension of the sanction to the B forward “unusual” and “an injustice”.Barcelona, ​​Robert Lewandowski by the Central Contentious Court of Madrid.

In this way, the Barcelona attacker, sanctioned with three games after his expulsion against Osasunawill be able to play this Saturday’s league derby at the Spotify Camp Nou.

The leader of the blue and white entity was upset by this episode: “We consider that this precautionary measure totally distorts the day of the competition and also the preparation of the match.”

The CEO explained that, on similar occasions, the Spanish He presented the corresponding resources but, he insisted, “there were not even meetings to assess it.”

In addition to the reaction of the leader of the Spanishthe Catalan club issued a statement in which it stated that, according to its criteria, “the requirements are not met to justify the precautionary measure.”

The parakeet entity argued that the appearance of good law “is especially indefensible” and stressed that “there is talk of irreparable damage to Barcelona” without taking into account, he said, “irreparable damage to its rivals and to the competition.”

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