esco ek gave the child a night with beeches, there is a threat to raise the level of ek at the entrance

Until that day, we will wait for new rivers at the entrance to the republic, where the level of the rivers can fluctuate in response to floods and rise again, especially on rivers affected by river activity, His Majesty said.

The warning regarding children applies to the regions of Olomouc, Zlinsk and Moravsko-Slask, Central Moravia and Krlicko in the Pardubice Region. It is closed from Tuesday 13:00 to Wednesday 08:00.

Thunderstorms on Tuesday afternoon and evening could be even stronger with short periods of strong squalls and less hail. In the late afternoon and at night, cloudiness in the form of persistent clouds with scattered clouds will prevail, meteorologists said.

In Esca, it starts with the weekend, because they are therefore saturated, and in other children their level may increase. In the current warning, this applies to streams draining the Krlitz-Snnk, Jesenky, Beskydy and Bl-Karpaty.

In areas where the soil is highly saturated after localized rains of the previous days, even low-intensity rains can cause a rapid runoff of water from the surface, with the possibility of flooding in some cities, the meteorologists added.

According to the forecast, the company should clear up and warm up. Weekends should be consistently sunny, with maximum temperatures in excess of 20 degrees Celsius.

On Monday, the water level rose in the south

The situation at night turned out to be more dramatic than forecasted by meteorologists. I was lucky, not what the models predicted. Those facing Umawa have risen to the first level of flood activity, KM meteorologists summarized and added that 3.5 millimeters of rain fell on Umawa overnight from Monday.

In the south, Blanice, Zlat Stream and Bezdrevsky Stream rose to the first step. In the end, the story turned out to be too complicated. Somewhere you can detect the first stage of river basin activity, but this will be influenced by how the rushing water will gradually flow along the riverbeds, said hydrologist Tom Vlask from the Eskobudovice hydrometeorological office.

At the first stage of flood activity, Bystika rose above the river of the same name in Vsetinskaya.

The fire brigade worked on heating basements and garages

Stedoet hasii at night they went out because of children’s time for two dozen ppads. Nejasti cleared fallen trees or pumped out water from the basement and sewers. In one case, a tree fell on a family home, no one was hurt, said Veronika Vortsova Motsov from the regional fire department.

From 20:00 Monday to 07:00 Tuesday, firefighters recorded 28 incidents in the region, 19 of which required technical assistance. Firefighters removed fallen trees in 13 places, even one family house collapsed in the village of Yeetik Mladoboleslavska. The incident occurred without casualties, we removed the tree using old equipment and a chainsaw,” the spokeswoman said.

In one case, firefighters went for water from the basement, and in the other two, they went into a clogged sewer. They helped fix the tarpaulin on the DM, its residents repaired the roof.

The 1st household in the region was left without electricity. At 6:00 a.m., EZ Distribuce recorded 12,000 blackouts without electricity in the city of P, and after 10:00 a.m. there were 1,730 blackouts. In the middle districts, blackouts appeared in the Praha-Entrance area, in Mladoboleslavsk and in Pbram, – said E.Z. Soa Holinger.

Firefighters in the Olomouc region at night, because of the whistle, more than ten events came to the fore. They removed fallen trees, pumped out water from a flooded basement, repaired damage to the roof, and in Brodek near Perov, an extension was pulled out of a flooded underpass, firefighter Lucia Balova said. Because of the fire over the weekend, firefighters in the region had several entrances.

Since the nonch bouch we have intervened in 33 events in the region. In 12 cases, we pumped out water from basements and garages, mainly in the municipalities of Velk Tnech and Blkovice Laana, where water poured from the fields during a hurricane, and in these cases we fixed a temporarily damaged roof,” said Balov.

Last night in Brodek, not far from Perov, a truck got stuck in a flooded underpass. Together with the local unit, we pulled it out with a winch, after which the passage was torn off. In ten cases, we removed fallen trees on the roads,” Balov added.

Strong int. in Krlovgradets region he cut trees. From 19:00 Monday to 07:00 Tuesday, about 50 people entered the fire department. The Trutnovsko area suffered the most, firefighters reported on social networks X.

As of 09:00, power engineers recorded eight accidents on high-voltage lines in the region. The most affected areas include Trutnovsko, Nkhodsko and Rykhnovsko. We are working intensively on troubleshooting. We will try to restore power supply in the morning and during the day, – said Lapkov Bernkov, regional representative of the EZ RCA group.

In the village of Skuhrov nad Blou, Rykhnov district, firefighters had to use old-fashioned equipment to remove a tree leaning over the road, as the tree was powered by wires. Firefighters removed trees from the roads, for example, in Pilnkovo, Vrchlab and Pindlerovsky proezd in Trutnovsk, Pecce in Jinsk, Olenice in Orlické Gorchy, and Nhoda.

It rained most of the night in the Krkono and the Eagle Mountains. 31 liters of water per square meter fell on the Labsky Bud, and about 25 liters on the Sedlov in Orlicka Gorkha. In these positions of Trutnovsk, the chances against Krkono were about half that. According to the Elbe River, the level of mountain rivers has slightly increased, but has not reached the flood level.

In Zln firefighters came out of the noise on 14th street. Thus, they liquidated the attic of the family house in Valaska Bystika in Vsetinskaya, which was struck by lightning. No one was hurt, said Pavel Eznek.

After the lightning strike, only the attic of the house was destroyed, where it is still unknown. In other cases, firefighters cleared dirt from the road or felled trees. Before midnight those events were recorded, after midnight ten more. About cities in all districts of the region, the speaker said.

On the Bystika River, upstream of the river of the same name in Vsetinskaya, the first, i.e., the lowest level of flood activity, began to operate at night, which is observed when there is only 30 centimeters of water in the stream. This happened before 04:00, later the level reached 38 centimeters, around 05:00 it began to gradually decrease and in the morning amounted to about 30 centimeters.

On Tuesday, the meteorologist expects cloudy weather in the sky, in the evening it will rain or light rain in the city, clouds will also pass at the entrance to the city. The highest temperatures should be 13 and 17 degrees Celsius, in Moravia and Silesia – 22 degrees. The same time should be in the middle. It will clear up, and on Thursday in the second half of the week the temperature will rise well above 20 degrees.

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