Eriq Zavaleta: “With Alex Roldán we want to see a change”

The central defender of LA Galaxy, Eriq Zavaletaspoke about the current moment that is lived with the national team and with the Salvadoran Football Federationwhich says that he disrespected the players.

The 29-year-old commented to MLS Aces Podcastamong other things, that what happened with the FESFUT was something that neither he nor Alex Roldanso both want to see a change in the entity.

“A lot is happening with the federation at the moment, obviously Alex Roldan eloquently published an article about what is happening and how it felt, felt disrespectedlike me, like other players who were there “he commented.

Eriq was clear that both players didn’t think it was right, but that he wants to be part of Hugo Pérez’s project because of what the national coach is doing.

“To return to what happened, I think that both of us (Roldán) felt that it was not the right thing to do. We want to see a change but I think that many changes are happening, I am excited about the project that Hugo has been doing and continues. I think he is doing a great job, the expectation is higher now than when I started a year ago. I’m excited to see what happens in the future and I fully look forward to being a part of that future when the time is right.”

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