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On December 1, 2021, the former Mexican boxer Erick Terrible Morales announced on social networks the death from his son José Fernando, who passed away at the age of 23. Days after what happened, Morales has revealed what happened.

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Before starting a new episode of your podcast One More Round, which presents with fellow ex-boxer Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik asked for a moment to detail what happened to his son José Fernando.

In the first instance, Morales thanked all the samples of affection and attention shown towards him and his family after the death of his son. The ex-boxer assured that he wanted to talk about what happened the day of his death so that speculation would stop.

The Terrible Morales revealed that her son died at home and he made a short chronology of what happened, beginning on the afternoon of the day of death.

Around 3 or 4 in the afternoon he came down from his room and said to his mother: ‘I’m going to the Oxxo, I’m going for a coffee, do you want something?’ He said ‘yes bring me toilet paper’ and various things. He went to the Oxxo, returned home and forgot his toilet paper. He went back to the Oxxo, bought the paper and other things, went back to the house and told them ‘I’m going to be upstairs in my room’”Erik mentioned as a context for what happened on the day.

Morales even explained that before going up to his room, Jose Fernando He thought about going to get a haircut, but finally decided that he would go the next day and ended up continuing on his way to the room.

After hours, Erik mentioned that it was oldest son was the one who found his brother dead, consider that for a Fulminant infarction, this after he went up to his room to look for him to come down to dinner.

“At 8 or 9 o’clock at night, my eldest son went to José Fernando’s room to come down for dinner and found him in a ‘hard’ state, rigid, and this means that it had already happened to him for a long time. any problem. The fact was very simple: he was at home, he was on his bed face down, he squeezed himself and he surely had a fatal heart attackNothing else happened to him, he was stiff and that’s exactly what happened to him “revealed Erik Terrible Morales.

The ex-boxer said “Fortunately” the her son’s death had happened at home, in his bed and that was quick. In addition, Terrible Morales assured that in his family they have the tranquility and patience to understand that it was something in which “Nobody could do anything”.

Erik Terrible Morales once again thanked for the expressions of affection and said he was calm because his son José Fernando was “a good boy, very happy, very happy.”

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