Erectile dysfunction before the age of 40 may be a sign of “this disease”

Erectile dysfunction before the age of 40 could be a sign of prediabetes or diabetes, a new study has found.

Prediabetes is when fasting blood glucose is above the upper normal range of 99 mg/dl and does not meet the diagnostic criteria for diabetes at 126 mg/dl (100 to 125 mg/dl). Diabetes is diagnosed when it exceeds 127 mg/dl.

A research team led by Jane Tucker, professor of family medicine at Saint Louis University School of Medicine in the US, analyzed the correlation between erectile dysfunction and diabetes using electronic health records (2008-2022) of 1,915,468 people.

Overall, the study found that having erectile dysfunction increased the risk of developing prediabetes or diabetes by 34%. Excluding the pre-diabetic stage and calculating only the association with diabetes, the risk of developing diabetes was 38% higher. In addition, 30% of participants were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and prediabetes or diabetes on the same day. Seventy-five percent were diagnosed with prediabetes or diabetes within one year of being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

The research team said: “This shows that if erectile dysfunction occurs before the age of 40, it is necessary to check whether blood sugar levels are rising.”

The study was recently published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

On the other hand, diabetic patients are prone to erectile dysfunction due to nerve and blood vessel problems due to high blood sugar and psychological effects. 20-30 minutes of aerobic and strength training every day can help prevent erectile dysfunction.

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