Equipped for mines and ammunition. The United States donated to Ukraine gave assistance for 250 million

We are announcing a new special aid package for Ukraine. Missiles, anti-tank missiles and ammunition will help the Ukrainian armed forces protect the sovereignty, country and people of the country, said US diplomat Blinken on sti X.

Every day, Russia continues to wage a brutal conquest that has killed scores of Ukrainian civilians and forced millions to drink from rooftops while in the grip of American diplomacy. Their flows into Ukrainian farms and grain infrastructure have caused price volatility in the food and grain market, and exacerbated hunger and food insecurity around the world, the ministry added.

As US diplomats have also said, Russia started this war and could end it at any moment by withdrawing its troops from Ukraine and stemming the violent torrents. Until that happens, the United States and our allies will stand by Ukraine for as long as it takes, the statement said.

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