Entrepreneurial spirit of the founder of Culbox – Eirik Thiel


Delivery of hair products in front of the house is a big success with a sense of mystery that even customers do not know about

After 11 years of being an entrepreneur, due to a lot of marketing success with YouTube, etc., the business was closed and another way was found.

Curl Box, an Atlanta-based natural hair company, closed late last month after 11 years in business.

The company, founded by Atlanta entrepreneur Mirik Thiel, launched CURLBOX as one of the first monthly subscription boxes for textured hair, according to AJC on the 3rd.

For thousands of black women across the country, the bright box brought dizzying joy on Christmas morning when it appeared on their doorstep.

Curlbox, a monthly subscription service that supplies full-length products for naturally curly hair, has built a fandom that’s been popular since its inception in 2012, and while customers never know exactly what product they’ll get, the mystery is part of its mystery. address.

The news of Culbox’s closure shocked many fans, but company founder Mirik Thiel said he believes it’s time to retire.

“After 11 years of running the company independently, we’ve achieved our best,” Thiel said. “Under the umbrella of a conglomerate with a beauty portfolio, we’re better off.”

But for now, Calbox still belongs to Thiel.

“I’m not saying I won’t sell the business,” she said. I still own it,” he recently said on Instagram.

Thiel founded the company less than three years after moving to Atlanta from Los Angeles. She previously worked in commercials as an assistant to former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolchiak, who appeared on the reality show’s second season.

Thiel founded Curlbox because he saw how many black women didn’t have access to hair products.

“It was difficult to find suitable products, especially for people living in rural areas or small college towns, so subscriptions became mandatory.”

Culbox’s sales method is as follows.

The monthly package contains products such as sulfate-free shampoo, no-rinse conditioner, detangling brush, and a carefully wrapped silk hair scarf in tissue paper, packaged in a box for $25 per month plus tax and shipping.

Starting a company is a leap of faith, but her idea is a big hit in Atlanta.

“I had everything I needed to start a business right in my backyard. Being a young black woman was an advantage,” she said.

Curlbox has quickly grown from a start-up to an established company in the textured hair industry. The company has spun off its young brands and has also worked with big players such as L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Ulta, Target and Walmart.

Culbox’s success lies not only in shipping products, but also in creating editorial photo shoots, mini-zines and YouTube videos for the boxes. Celebrating the natural hair and beauty of black women has helped build client confidence in her curation.

It also created a very interesting revolution for us in the subscription industry: we attracted celebrities, arranged photo shoots and themed boxes. .

By creating Culbox, Thiel has also created a community of dedicated customers. A year before launching the company, she launched MyTaughtYou (now called Myrik Thiel’s Podcast), a podcast that talks about hard life lessons. She has amassed 216,000 followers on Instagram and continues to build a community on social media and through Myrik Till + Mommas, an online space for mothers.

Thiel founded Curlbox at a time when she was having trouble finding hair products for many black women because they weren’t available in stores.

But now black women can get some full-size hair products delivered straight to their door, and they can try brands they didn’t know about before.

Miele, with whom she collaborated, was a huge success, and in response to changing consumer patterns, she began organizing curling boxes. “When I first started this company, we gave our customers a rare opportunity to try out our entire collection of textured hair products,” Thiel said. But now it’s easy to find the right product in any store.”

“Now, while I’m on vacation, I can explore the endless possibilities life has to offer, learn new skills, volunteer at my kids’ school, reconnect with old acquaintances, make new friends, and read the book I promised my agent a year ago. Thiel said, and back at work, I set up a schedule so I could get enough rest and prepare.”

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