Entertainment News August 29: Wu Lin’s Daughter Sings at Father’s Memorial Service

Hong Loan sang the song

Hong Loan sang the song “20 Years of Beautiful Love in the Rambutan Season” with Wu Luan at the artist Wu Lin memorial ceremony at noon on August 29 — Photo: Facebook artist Wu Luan

* Wu Lin’s daughter sings while missing her father

On August 29, on the occasion of the Wu Lan holidays, honored artist Wu Lin’s daughter Hong Loan and adopted children Binh Tinh and Wu Luan held a ceremony in memory of artist Wu Lin at Binh Duong Cemetery.

In addition to the ceremony and gift giving for charity, the family also hosted a cozy musical evening where artists sang in memory of Wu Lin.

Many were surprised when Hong Loan appeared and sang the song that her father used to sing: 20 years of beautiful love in rambutan season.

Artist Wu Luan said that once, when he went to sing, the audience sent him a clip where Hong Loan sings karaoke and asked him to promote her to show business.

“However, when I suggested this, Luoan said, just leave me alone, let me take care of selling snacks,” Wu Luan said with a smile.

In addition to Hong Loan, there were many artists in the program, such as Ngan Tuan, Chong Ngia, Huu Quoc, Binh Tinh, Thu Van, Nguyen Vu, Lin Tai…

* Viet Huong frustrated by the release of life

Recently, artist Viet Huong expressed her frustration with the liberation of sentient beings. She was sad that people hunted small birds and brought them back to sell to people who released the animals.

Viet Huong artist – Photo: Facebook artist Viet Huong

Viet Huong artist – Photo: Facebook artist Viet Huong

Because the traps come in many forms, the little birds come out with broken legs, broken wings, blind eyes… look very guilty.

She wrote, “The Wu Lang ceremony shows filial piety. I bought my parents a shirt, a bowl of soup, and a bowl of pho to show filial respect.”

She believes that people should live a civilized life. “Because I want to release birds and fish, people will catch and sell them. When there is demand, there will be supply. Please stop!” She clearly stated her point of view.

* Miss Le Hoang Phuong does charity work.

Immediately after the coronation, Miss Le Hoang Phuong made her first volunteer trip.

The first charity event of the top 5 Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 after the coronation - Photo: BTC

The first charity event of the top 5 Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 after the coronation – Photo: BTC

Along with four runners-up, Bui Khanh Lin, Truong Ku Minh Nhan, Le Thi Hong Hanh and Dang Hoang Tam Nhu visited HCM and gave gifts to poor, near-poor and disadvantaged families in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City.

The event was attended by Ms Teresa – Vice President of Miss Grand International and Miss Isabella Menin – current Miss Grand International 2022.

After that, Miss Le Hoang Phuong and Vice-Miss “Miss Grand Vietnam 2023” visited and presented gifts to 60 children at Linh Xuan Kindergarten (Tu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City).

The above volunteer activities are coordinated with the Committee of the Vietnamese Front of the Fatherland of Ho Chi Minh City, the Vietnamese Women’s Union of Ho Chi Minh City.

* BTS V is upstairs iTunes in many countries

Singer V from BTS (Korea) with songs Winter Bear, Snow Flower And Scenery reached the top of the iTunes charts worldwide.

Singer V of BTS — Photo: Soompi

Singer V of BTS — Photo: Soompi

Song winter bear (released in 2019) topped the iTunes Top Songs chart in 45 countries.

Snowdrop (Christmas release 2020) topped the iTunes Top Songs chart in 37 countries. AND Scenery ranked first in 21 countries.

V is currently preparing to release an album. Stop with title song Slow dancing at 8-9.

* Vietnamese social media violence films

On August 29 the film was called Live – #LiveStream trailers and posters released. The film, directed by Khuong Ngok, tells two stories about mukbang streamers and online reviewers.

The image of actor Kuok Khan in the movie - Photo: DPC

The image of actor Kuok Khan in the movie – Photo: DPC

They do anything to get famous, including torturing themselves to get rave reviews or to make money by “giving flowers”.

The trailer opens with a raucous mukbang competition featuring four famous internet personalities. The last part changed when Kuok Khan as Hoang – the famous KOL – had to hide, be surrounded, harassed, beaten, humiliated and posted prohibition boards everywhere…

The poster for the movie features the words “Everyone is a Protagonist”, a reference to the myths of online fame. The film has a touch of psychological horror, starring Ngoc Phuoc and Kuok Khan.

The film is due in theaters on September 22.

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