Enrique Guzmán, “his health will prevent him from appearing in Xalapa”

Enrique Guzman announced

Enrique Guzmán announced “he will cancel his show” Did he test positive? | Instagram

Enrique Guzmán announced unfortunate news to his followers after declaring that it would not be possible for him to appear in Xalapa, Veracruz due to his current state of health, this after apparently testing positive for the virus!

The singerEnrique Guzmán, would have an upcoming presentation, however, after presenting a series of symptoms, the interpreter was forced to return to CDMX to start treatment. How are you?

It was through a publication on his Instagram account through which, the “father of Alejandra Guzman“and Luis Enrique, shared the news of having tested positive, which is why he would cancel some of his next presentations, for which he also apologized.

To the public that was waiting for me today in Xalapa, I want to inform you that I will not be able to be with you. Yesterday I was in Orizaba and I started having some discomfort with my throat.

Enrique Guzmán announced “he will cancel his show” Did he test positive? Photo: Instagram capture

Unfortunately, whoever was “ex-partner of Silvia Pinal“, was presenting more complications which led him to undergo a test to rule out his suspicions.

Today the cough got worse and due to the doctor’s instructions, I returned to Mexico City to take a test, C0v1d.

Unfortunately, after undergoing a test, the 79-year-old Spanish rock exponent confirmed the diagnosis, even showing a screenshot of his analysis in another of the screenshots on his account where it reads “POSITIVE”.

So now he must wait for a negative result, at the moment he is fine, he also communicated “television actor and cinema”.

Unfortunately I came out positive, so the show I had today in Xalapa will have to be postponed, but I promise you that coming out of this I’ll be there. I am already at home, isolated and without major inconveniences.

Lastly, he alsoFrida Sofia’s grandfather“He thanked all his followers for the messages of support and concern he received from his loyal fans, incidentally, the Venezuelan-born exhorted everyone to continue taking care of the v1rus.

I appreciate everyone’s attention and keep taking care that this bug has not gone away, Enrique Guzmán wrote in the post.

In the same way, it transpired that at this time, the “former lead singer of the “Teen Tops”“He would be in quarantine for at least another week until the tests come out negative, so fans who have not stopped coming to his concerts will have to have a little patience.

The outstanding as one of the “greats of rock”, born on February 1, 1943 would have participated before his diagnosis in the show 3 in Concert, along with Angélica María and César Costa, on June 15, to later present the June 17 at the Orizaba Metropolitan Auditorium, where it is suspected that he may have contracted the virus.

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