Enjoy the most anticipated releases of July

The audiovisual world does not take vacations even in the summer months. It does not stop producing new series and seasons with which to satisfy the demands of the viewers, especially now that July is coming and many of them will ask for a few days to rest from work. The rise of this industry, as is known, currently resides in the platforms streaming that they have a wide billboard that never stops growing.

  1. the final list

Starring Chris Pratt In the role of james reece, the series follows the story of this marine after his entire platoon was ambushed in a high-risk operation. He must return home where his family is waiting for him, but on the return trip he will be accompanied by contradictory memories about that day and questions about his guilt. However, as he uncovers new evidence related to that fact, dark forces will act against him, endangering his own life and that of his loved ones.

This series is based on the novel by Jack Carr, TheTerminalList, and can start viewing on July 1 through Amazon Prime Video.

  1. two years and one day

Comedy by the hand of Arturo Vallsthis is how the new series that will premiere on July 3 in Atresplayer Premium. The Spanish actor plays Charles Ferrerthe protagonist of this story, who like him in real life is a successful presenter, actor and comedian.

Nevertheless, Carlos’ life will change completely after appearing in the proclamation of Carzuelo de la Frontera disguised as the Virgen del Cierzo as a passage of Holy Week. The outrage of the devout costaleros leads to a complaint against religious sentiments and his entry into prison, where he will serve a sentence of two years and one day in jail.

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  1. locked up with the devil

It is a psychological thriller inspired by real events that start when jimmy kene, a high school football star and convicted drug dealer, is sentenced to ten years in prison. He is offered to enter a maximum security prison in exchange for establishing a friendship with an alleged serial killer and finding out where the bodies of several girls are buried, or serving a sentence in a minimum security prison without the option of parole.

It is an adaptation of the criminal memoirs In With The Evil of james kene Y Hillel Levin which will be released on July 8 on the platform AppleTV+.

  1. The Girl from Plainville

Based on a true event, the story has as its protagonist Elle Fanning in the role of Michelle. The series is inspired by the case of “suicide by text messages”, addressing the relationship of the young woman with Conrad Roy III and the events leading up to his death and, later, conviction for involuntary manslaughter.

It has been confirmed that it will be released on July 10 on the platform Starzplay.

  1. Dark Wind

based on the books Leaphorn & Cheewritten by Tony Hillman, this series dates back to the 1970s that has two police officers from the southwestern United States as its protagonists. It encompasses the genre of psychological suspense. The two cops search for clues to solve a double murder that forces them to question their own beliefs.

It is an original series of AMC+ and so it can be seen exclusively by subscribers of this platform from July 21.

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  1. Papergirls

This series is based on the science fiction comics of Brian K Vaughan. A group of four young newspaper boys, while making their work route after Halloween night in 1988, will be caught in a war between time travelers, which will change their lives.

It will premiere on July 29 and will be available on Amazon Prime Video.

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