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Biocoding and energy reading is a therapy that helps to connect with the body and understand some diseases, explained alternative medicine therapist Cinthia Carolina and who participates in the XXXVII National Festival of the Medicinal Plant in Xochitepec.

Cinthia Carolina comes from Guadalajara and this weekend she arrived in Morelos to participate in the National Festival of the Medicinal Plant, offering emotional therapies, performing a combination of energy reading, reviewing situations that much less the human being does not handle properly, generating a memory cellular, detonating a discomfort, symptom or disease.

Through the energetic reading, it reaches the memory of the person of yesteryear, and through biocoding they help to connect something that the person is experiencing, which generates uneasiness in the physical body system.

If the person becomes aware, he opens his heart, his recovery will be possible and it is a therapy that works with the emotions.

He explained that biodecoding is an alternative medicine that tries to find the metaphysical origin or an emotional meaning in diseases in order to find a way to heal them.

This therapeutic technique was developed as a result of theories of the German doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer, who focused on the origin and meaning of diseases.

The therapist indicated that all diseases have a similar emotional situation in common due to the origin of the resonance of the cells.

He said that all the ailments are not free, that many times we do not see the human body as a sanctuary, nor does it feed not only on food, but to see that it goes further, it has to do even with thoughts and actions.

If you are interested in this therapy, or other alternatives, such as massages, reiki acupuncture, clean, you can go this Sunday, November 14 to the facilities of the Municipal Market of Xochitepec, where they are taught and the cost is a donation.

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