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Research has been carried out at the University of Pennsylvania that has discovered the possible response to future harmful bacteria, peptides found in our own body.

Health is one of the three important things in life. In recent times we have become more concerned about germs and bacteria, which has led to studies in the health field to prevent future diseases.

In precisely one of these studies, based on finding answers to bacteria that could harm us in the future, the University of Pennsylvania has made an interesting discovery. The human body would contain potentially antibacterial peptides.

They have found them using an algorithm, but before getting there they have studied a multitude of products to search for peptides with these capacities. Bacteria have become more resistant to drugs and the study of green tea, tobacco flower, mother’s milk and even snake venom has been used.

After that search, it turns out that our own body was the one that had the answer. Found thanks to a search for proteins that had specific properties, which would make them potentially valuable for fighting bacteria.

The search found a series of peptides eight to 50 amino acids long, positively charged, and containing both hydrophobic and hydrophilic pieces. This search returned 2,603 ​​results and, curiously, they had no connection to the immune system. This is how they have been called encrypted peptides.

55 of these encrypted peptides were taken and inoculated with bacteria that can be found in a hospital, but are also very resistant, such as E. Coli or Staphylococcus. The result was that 63% of those chosen created antibacterial defenses.

According to César de la Fuente, the study’s lead researcher, “Not only did they fight bacteria (…) They also targeted commensal organisms of the intestine and skin that are beneficial for us“.

Research continued in mice and they found that encrypted peptides are better than they thought. They have the ability to fight bacteria like some antibiotics, but without the toxicity that these have attached to it.

A way to stop bacteria from getting stronger?

With taking medicine, the bacteria get stronger. They adapt to them and that is why we need larger doses every time. It is one of the main problems to tackle and the encrypted peptides also have something to say.

Apparently, instead of directly attacking the bacteria, the molecules found permeate its outer membrane to penetrate and destroy them. Bacteria will take many more generations to get its outer membrane to harden, which makes the peptides also prevent bacteria from improving so fast.

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