encrypted messages, video calls and even more changes

Big changes are coming to Twitter. At least if we take Elon Musk’s word for it. In an internal conversation, the new owner of the social network has anticipated some of the news that they will work on next, beyond a change in their use policy. A series of changes that can leave Twitter unrecognizable and that would transform it into an application that is considerably more complete than it is now.

Encrypted direct messages are back with a bang. The idea was raised in 2018, but from Twitter they rejected adding encryption to private messages. The reasons are unclear, but that feature failed to materialize. Now, for Musk it must be one of the company’s priorities.

“We want to allow users to be able to communicate without worrying about their privacy, without worrying about a data breach on Twitter causing all their DMs to hit the web, or thinking that maybe someone on Twitter might be spying on their DMs.” Musk explained.

And he has added a very representative tagline: “It should be the case that I can’t look at anyone’s DMs even if someone puts a gun to my head.”

With possible help from the creator of Signal. To implement this feature, Musk has contacted one of the most experienced people in the industry. Moxie Marlinspike is the creator of Signal and “would potentially be interested in helping us,” Musk said.

“Ironically, Moxie Marlinspike worked at Twitter and actually wanted to do encrypted DMs several years ago but was denied and then left and created Signal.”

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Also video calls and voice chats. In addition to encrypted private messages, Musk is studying whether it is feasible to add video calls and voice chats through Twitter, as if it were just another messaging application.

Musk wants the conversation to stay on Twitter. Not only public, but also private. In this case, unlike Signal, these calls could be made through the Twitter accounts themselves, without the need to exchange phone numbers. Although, applications like WhatsApp have already shown how complex it is to implement secure video calls.

Twitter Blue is standing still (and could have multiple colors). Musk’s first big project on Twitter is being a disaster. At least for the moment. According to Musk has acknowledged: Twitter Blue is stopped, until “we are confident that there are no significant impersonations.”

The $8 a month subscription was scheduled to return at the end of November, but now it is not clear that this will be the case. The verification that this person is the real one and not someone who is simply paying to impersonate someone is what worries Twitter.

During the internal conversation, Musk explained that it is probably necessary to give institutions and companies a “different colored check mark”, although it is an idea that they should continue to work on.

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