Enceladus, Saturn’s moon discovered in the past today

Enceladus, Saturn’s moon discovered in the past today

RADARTASIK.COM – Today, August 28, 1789, William Herschel discovered Enceladus, a moon of Saturn.

Enceladus is one of the moons of the planet Saturn. This is one of the interesting objects of the solar system, since its surface is almost completely covered with a layer of ice.

Studies have shown that Enceladus is experiencing interesting geological activity, including hot spring fumaroles and ice eruptions from cracks in its surface.

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This has given rise to speculation about the possibility of an ocean of liquid water beneath its surface, which could make it a candidate for the search for life beyond Earth.

Enceladus has several features that make it stand out and have attracted the attention of scientists:

1. Glazed surface

Most of the surface of Enceladus is covered with a thick layer of ice. This gives the moon a very bright and shiny look.

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2. Surface cracks

The surface of Enceladus has extensive and complex faults. These cracks indicate significant geological activity, including the movement and tectonics of the ice sheets within.

3. Jets of water and steam

One of the most interesting features of Enceladus are jets of water ice and water vapor from cracks on its surface. This phenomenon was first discovered by the Cassini spacecraft and indicates geothermal activity below its surface.

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