Emma Watson reveals the ‘worst men’ to date

Although Emma Watson has been in the spotlight for more than two decades, she still manages to lead a fairly private life. The actress has been candid about the fact that being more conservative with the details of her personal life allows people to believe her more when she takes on different roles. But despite Watson’s attempts at privacy, people remain interested in her personal life. Her love life, in particular, is constantly addressed. People seem endlessly curious as to whether Watson has a boyfriend and who she is dating.

Emma Watson explains how she found boyfriends in the past

Dating someone is hard enough, but when you’re a celebrity, there’s a whole different set of issues to consider. So how does someone with Watson’s level of fame find a boyfriend? In an interview with GQ UK, the Harry Potter alum revealed that he meets people in the same way that many normal people do; through common spaces and mutual friends.

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