Emma Watson in an oversize white blazer

Emma Watson

Lars Hoglund / TTGetty Images

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    Years go by and Emma Watson continues to make us fall in love with that natural and almost effortless style that we love so much. She is one of those actresses that she has a gift for elevating the looks she wears with little ‘fashion’ touches. In her last public appearance, the one who was Hermione Granger has left us an impressive combination that left a little style lesson. It is very simple, but really effective and easy to imitate. Like almost everything when it comes to Emma Watson.

    In recent days, Stockholm has hosted The Brilliant Minds event, a conference in which some of the most prominent personalities from different disciplines meet to talk about world news. Emma Watson, as a strong defender of various social causes, has flown there to leave her mark. For the occasion, she has decided to opt for a brilliant look in which she combined: elegance, naturalness, comfort and trendy touches. A success to highlight her personality, because clothes say a lot about ourselves.

    The look chosen by Emma Watson for this symposium of brilliant minds was made up of a floral top with a ‘perkins’ neckline. To give it a touch of contrast, she has combined it with a completely white blazer. Although right now the temperatures in our country are extreme due to the heat wave, in Stockholm the weather is much more pleasant and that is why it has been encouraged with this combination. We can’t wait for the weather to calm down a bit so we can wear outfits like this on summer nights.

    Emma Watson

    Lars Hoglund / TTGetty Images

    The key for this look to have so much charm is in the jacket chosen by Emma Watson. AAlthough it is not the most obvious option because the contrast between the marked print of the top and the white blazer is too striking, once we have seen it we love it. In addition, this jacket has an ‘oversize’ style, which continues with this clash between the two garments that works so well, since the top is tight. Once again, it has shown us that with a piece that we all have in our wardrobe, we can create simple looks that make a difference.

    We also loved the actress’s choice of bag and hairstyle. To wear this combination of a floral top with an ‘oversize’ white blazer, Emma Watson has chosen a Prada shoulder bag and a bow with a relaxed air to play down the importance of protocol but without ceasing to be very correct.

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