Emma and the other narco ladies

Emma and the other narco ladies. The author Anabel Hernández is an investigative reporter internationally recognized as an expert in the field of drug trafficking and awarded with an award. Freedom of Speech 2019 by Deutsche Welle.

Has a track record of research on the subject in books The lords of the narco (2010) and The traitor (2019).

The lords of the narco (2010) is a chronicle achieved with vast documentation, direct testimonies from authorities and experts on the alarming complicities of high political, police, military and business circles with organized crime.

On The traitor (2019) enters the Sinaloa Cartel through the newspapers of Vicente Zambada Niebla alias “Vicentillo” who offered one of his lawyers to collaborate with the North American government.

Anabel Hernández explores in Emma and other ladies of the narco (2021) the most intimate facet of the drug lords and their closest environment, through their women.

Making them active or passive participants involved in the multimillion-dollar criminal business.

Anabel Hernández wrote Emma and the other narco ladies

The reader will find an anthropological analysis of various interviews with witnesses. Taking the reader into family gatherings, parties and bedrooms of various drug traffickers.

Anabel Hernández emphasizes the use that drug traffickers gave their women and how they adhere to their rules for their own benefit.

Exchange at parties or orgies of love affairs, shopping or sales of pleasure, incest, ambition, betrayal and revenge for property, jewelry or money.

The focus of the book revolves around drug trafficking relationships with women.

Whether they are mothers, wives like Emma Coronel, lovers, a former Miss Universe, actresses, singers, television conductors, among others recognized in Mexico.

Alicia Machado, former Miss Universe, was allegedly related to Gerardo Álvarez Vázquez alias “El Indio”.

Anabel Hernández herself linked Ninel Conde for the illicit accumulation of assets for alleged mismanagement of money from organized crime.

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Priscila Montemayor, former partner of Edgar Valdez Villareal and their separation by actress Arleth Terán.

During space Journalists created by Nevertheless, by journalists Álvaro Delgado and Alejandro Páez, the sixth chapter of the book was read.

An alleged friendship of Sergio Mayer, Issabela Camil, the Garibaldi member Carlos Eduardo López and the Mascabrothers with Edgar Valdez Villareal, alias “la Barbie”.

Controversy of Emma and the other narco ladies

One of the headlines of the space mentioned Galilea Montijo and said he could read a relationship with Arturo Beltrán Leyva. Gustavo Adolfo Infante also addressed the issue on his YouTube channel.

“She was in a serious relationship for a long time with Galilea Montijo, in fact it helped her get her sister out of jail, her sister from Galilea, I had to look at her, that’s why I know. I could tell you without exaggeration that the relationship lasted at least two years, I gave her watches and jewelry ”.

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