Emily Ratajkowski reveals her bisexuality

ha few weeks ago Emily Ratajkowski was on the cover of all the gossip magazines when he found out that she and the one who was her husbandSebastian Bear-McClard, had decided to divorce due to the multiple infidelities of the actor. But just a few days ago, a rumor spread that Ratajkowski could have turned the page and she would be dating another artist, Brad Pitt.

On the other hand, Emily Ratajkowski is also known for criticizing injustices, such as the homophobic and macho positions in their social networks. The last of them has been the negative comments made towards the movie ‘Blonde’a Netflix production that the model considers to be extols the pain of women. Now Emily has gone viral again but this time by revealing something totally different on her Tiktok.

Emily Ratajkowski reveals her bisexuality thanks to a sofa

On the occasion of October 11, declared as the international coming out daythere are many videos that have circulated through the social networks of people proudly revealing his sexual orientationbut there has been a video that has not gone unnoticed.

After the actress Shay Mitchellknown for her role as Emily in ‘Pretty Little Liars’ has hinted at a very creative way that is bisexual, Ratajkowski has decided to do the same. The model has caught a video where a woman comes out saying “If you consider yourself bisexual, don’t you happen to have a green velvet sofa in your house?”. On the other side of the screen you can see how Shay Mitchell reacts to this question by throwing herself on her back on a sofa of that color.

Through the video of both women, Emily has done her version. After the seconds that the question lasts, the model’s face appears but as the camera moves Ratajkowski is found to be sitting on a large green velvet sofaIs this the way that Emily Ratajkowski has revealed her sexual orientation?

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