Emily In Paris: Star Lily Collins reveals the injury she suffered from the drama

An interview with the popular star of Emily In Paris, Lily Collins, revealed that she suffered an injury that affected her health by constantly wearing a type of clothing during the recordings of the series.

series of Netflix, Emily In Parisis about the title character, Emily (played by Lily Collins), who moves from the United States to France to pursue a career in marketing. Emily joins Savoir’s French company and has to juggle her career ambitions, her love life and trying to settle in her new city, Paris. The first two seasons have been a complete success on the platform of Netflix And now that they are preparing for their third installment, the main star has revealed what happened to him on filming.

Emily In Paris: Lily Collins reveals that she had health problems in her feet for her scenes

Throughout the series, the character of Lily Collins often appears in unique and stunning costumes from head to toe. Her wardrobe in the second season was created by costume designer Patricia Field. Emily wears these outfits in Paris during the workday and in her spare time. As the head of marketing, her style is part of the way she presents not only herself, but also the Savoir company, an enduring theme of the show’s creator, Darren Starr.

Showrunner Darren Star who also created the series Sex And The City, whose protagonist, Carrie Bradshaw, sports various iconic outfits throughout the series. Like SATC, Emily In Paris it was shot in the titular city and predominantly in the Île-de-France region, which is the largest region in France with Paris in the center and where they wear curious costumes.

Nevertheless, Lily Collins revealed during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring how Emily’s choice of shoes on set affected the health of her feet. The actress points out that the myriad of cobbled streets that give Paris its charm and history also make it extremely difficult to walk in heels. She claimed that the pain of wearing such fancy shoes every day forced her to see a podiatrist every week to “treat her feet” for her.

“At least once a week I went to the podiatrist to treat my foot pain,” part of what Lily Collins expressed.

Lily Collins, 33, also had custom-made insoles for each pair of shoes she wore on set to relieve foot pain. Collins joked that, in future seasons, Emily would appear more in apartments. Heels are traditionally associated with more formal attire, but this concept is changing in the modern age. Although classic black loafers or pumps don’t command as much attention on the streets of Paris as Emily’s colorful stilettos.

Maybe in the third season of Emily in Paris, Emily wear flat-footed shoes or sneakers, not only as proof that the actors are setting more health-conscious boundaries on set, but also as a sign that Emily’s character is part of a modern world that is beginning to embrace a more casual dress code in the workplace. Since filming will probably wrap up this fall, Emily In Paris will return to Netflix screens in early 2023.

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