Emil’s parents emerge from silence two months after little boy’s disappearance

Colomban and Marie, the parents of little Emil, speak in an interview with the publication Christian family to be “overwhelmed by grief and longing”, but continue to “hope”.

Emil’s parents emerge from the silence. Two months after the disappearance of two and a half sons in Haute-Verne (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence), Colomban and Marie gave an interview to a magazine. Christian familypublished on Tuesday.

The latter appear in the press for the first time and continue to maintain hope. “We inevitably imagine the worst, but we can’t help but hope,” says the child’s father.

“Inspired by Hope”

“Sometimes we are overwhelmed by grief and longing. For a moment we despair, and then we seem to be lifted up by hope,” adds Marie, the mother of a little boy.

“We continue to pray to the Lord. We do not turn the page and continue to hope,” continues Emil’s father.

Little Emil’s parents also indicate that they are “asking God for a miracle”, while continuing to “trust the work of the gendarmes conducting the investigation. Right from the start they showed great professionalism and great “sympathy”.

The father and mother of the child also thank all the French people who directly or indirectly participated in Emil’s research, as well as all those who provided some kind of support to their family. “Solidarity was very strong. We saw how the cooks of the neighboring holiday camp brought ready-made food and coffee to all the volunteers,” explains, in particular, the mother of a little boy.

Seven weeks after the disappearance of a little boy of two and a half years in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, the mystery remains until the investigation was extended to the points of “abduction, arrest, detention and detention of a minor”..

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