Emil Bock talks about Marius Shumudich’s version of “U” Cluj: “I’m terrified!”

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08/03/2023, 17:02

Marius Sumudika (aged 52) is out of contract after parting ways with Al Raedand the coach is looking for a new team. The coach was on the list Swift And University of Craiovabut in the end both clubs appointed Cristiano Bergodi (58 years) respectively Laurentiu Regekampf (47 years old).

In recent days, it has become known that Marius Shumudica would contact Emil Boc, mayor of Cluj, will replace Toni Petrea on the bench.

Emil Bock: “I respect Shumudika, but “U” has a coach!”

Live on Digi Sport, “Zumi” categorically denied having discussed with anyone from “U” Cluj, and the technician’s claim was also backed up by statements from Cluj Mayor Emil Bock.

I’m shocked. I asked the people in the club to brief me at least a minute before I do anything. I say this in all sincerity, the University of Cluj has a coach, he has Toni Petrea. He is a good, effective coach. Who could believe that you go to Craiova and beat them on their own field? It was an exceptional mobilization under his leadership.

I don’t know if any other event happened. We will have a meeting of the Local Council, and I will ask President Radu Constantia. There is stability at the university, there is a coach, there is support from the city. We expect the guys from Medias to come with three points because they have shown that it is possible. The rest is nonsense.

I respect Şumudica, but I didn’t have any ideas in this direction or any discussion. Everyone is looking for their place in this market. I repeat, “U” has a coach whom I know, he is a serious, professional person, he also spoke in the FSB.

Here he has complete independence, behind him is financial stability, a stable urban climate and a fantastic urban brand. I know it’s hard to get into the playoffs, but we need to be in a comfortable zone where we can develop.

Until the club says something, the world should know that we have a coach. The club has no reason to say anything. We have a coach, we have a team, we are doing well.“, – said Emil Bock, according to stiridecluj.ro.

Marius Shumudica denies negotiations with “U” Cluj

Marius Shumudica, who was present at the Digi Sport Special, heard rumors that he had an agreement with “U” Cluj and that he was “99%” the new coach of Transylvania, but he denied.

The coach claims that he did not even talk to anyone from “U” Cluj.

Let’s put an end to speculation. I have only spoken to Mr. Bock once in my life. They are not true, Mr. Bock did not call me.

“U” Cluj has a coach, I don’t know why we are discussing this. I didn’t understand 1%, not 99%. It’s not about the money, we didn’t have any discussions”, said Marius Shumudika in Digi Sport Special.

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