Emergency Transportation Company in Ho Chi Minh City Suspended

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health has just fined Sang Chi Thanh Co., Ltd. for 90 million VND and suspended its activities due to lack of a license.

On August 29, an inspection official from the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health reported that the company has an address in Binh Hung Commune, Binh Chanh District, and provides services without a license to operate. The authorities are suspending operations until the company receives all the necessary legal documents.

This is not the first time the Ministry of Health has taken the decision to suspend unauthorized ambulance transport units. In May, 115 Huynh Quoc Emergency Transport Co., Ltd. advertised and provided medical examination and treatment services without a license, and was also suspended by the Department for 18 months and fined 160 million VND.

The Department’s decision to impose sanctions came in the context of an incident involving Xuyen Viet Transport Co., Ltd. ambulance 115, which “cut off” a patient for VND 16 million for transportation from Ca Mau to Ho Chi Minh City, which caused the Department’s frustration. People. .

There are currently two types of emergency services in Ho Chi Minh City, including 115 Ho Chi Minh City Emergency Center (public) and private facilities. In which 9 places are allowed for the provision of ancillary services, emergency transportation. The Ministry of Health said it would step up license to practice verification and oversight, subsequent audits, and a strict response to violations by ambulances by requiring private institutions to declare prices for services.

According to the rules, private institutions are allowed to decide the prices of licensed technical services, but they must announce prices in the Department, publish and publish prices for people and patients, thereby meeting their needs. price quotes when using.

People need to raise awareness of their rights when using emergency transport services, promptly report violations to the department’s inspector by calling the 24-hour hotline 0989401155.

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