‘Elvis’ and ‘Moulin Rouge’ director may join new Disney film

While Hollywood is now at a dead end due to the strike, special effects creators are also starting to loudly demand their rights to writers and actors, and studios don’t seem to want to back down just yet. So it will be some time before work resumes, and in a few years we will find that the theaters are somehow suspiciously empty. But Disney does it anyway.

Playable versions of their cartoons can fetch big bucks, piss off fans of the original, and offend the keepers of “the good old days when the world was still right.” confused but so far it hasn’t been enough to stir anyone’s veins, and when it was announced that Florence Pugh could take on the lead role, it really cheered most people up. However, Disney is now looking for a director and seems to have very high goals.

After all, the creator of Baz Luhrmann could make a feature film Moulin rouge or Elvis and a man who definitely knows how to make amazing films. On the other hand, it doesn’t make much sense to us that he should be the director who gets hired to remake fairy tales. On the other hand, once Aladdin became a hit, Guy Ritchie could do whatever he wanted for the next few years. And if On a String needed to help Luhrmann resurrect another personal project, that would be the right decision, but negotiations are still at an early stage.

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