Elon Musk’s Las Vegas Tunnel Still Suffering To Live Up To Expectations

On paper it was an interesting idea to say the least, but the tunnel that Elon Musk has built under Las Vegas and through The Boring Company he has not kept his promises for a long time. In April of this year, the Teslas that were circulating through it were only going at 50 km / h, and the data that arrives from the last days also does not meet objectives.

It’s real, but still not what was promised

Here’s a recent video of what it’s like to travel through the tunnel under Sin City, from the beginning to one of the stops midway. You can check how the speed is not too high:

A report released by Plainsite reveals that the average travel time of the Teslas crossing the tunnel it has been 4 minutes, when the initial commitment was that they did it in 2 reaching a speed of 240 km / h. The conclusions have been drawn from 30,000 trips and 75,000 passengers.

4 minutes on average to do 2.73 km is relatively a good mark to cross a city as traffic-clogged as Las Vegas and part of its Strip, but still twice as promised. The data is from the first six weeks of operations, and there is very recent new data that has not been added to the study (and as TechCrunch has learned it does not vary much).

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The tunnel has to show off at the next CES 2022 in Las Vegas, which will be face-to-face again. At the event, we could see if Elon Musk’s idea is worth doing in other cities (they talk about Miami), or if it will finally be an experiment that does not cross the line of simple attraction for curious visitors.

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