Elon Musk Sells $ 7 Billion In Tesla Stock And Counting

After an interesting consultation exercise through his social networks, specifically in the platform digital from Twitter, the CEO of Tesla and Spacex -among other- Elon Musk, resolved to sell a large quantity of the Actions from his company. Only last Friday he made a sale operation for 1.2 million assets that correspond to 1.2 billion dollars, and according to what he previously announced, this movement has not yet concluded.

The owner of the company automotive, specialized in electric vehicles, made a transaction for 6.9 million dollars in shares of the company last week, and according to the Securities and Exchange Commission from USA (SEC) only on Friday sold 1.2 million Tesla securities, for which in the course of the week the total operation was for 6.36 million of the escrow.

Musk himself is the main shareholder of the Automobile manufacturer that he directs, but on November 6, he conducted a survey through Twitter that caused a stir and that resulted in him selling 10% of his stake in the firm and that was immediately taken into consideration by the tycoon to start selling.

The records of the US SEC show the intention of the businessman to sell a proportion of his shares independently of the internet survey, for which he prepared for a couple of months.

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With this movement it would be able to capitalize itself for the payment of taxes that corresponds to having cash, as well as having availability for the additional purchase of shares of the same company.

Tesla Motors

During the course of 2021, the price of his automotive firm has been in constant increase, with special growth during October, which reached a value on the stock market of one trillion dollars and consequently also the individual values ​​also became more expensive.

Since the beginning of the year, the rise in its share prices reached 46%, which places Tesla as the most valuable automotive company in the world, trading at 1,033 million dollars in total at the end of the week.

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Everything was going well for the company until the week suffered a 15% contraction equivalent to 187 billion dollars.

For his promise to sell that 10% of assets in his property, Elon Musk must still sell the equivalent of about ten million dollars and the precise amount depends on some factors such as his participation in the firm and whether he determines the alternatives. he has regarding Tesla shares.

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