Ellen Pompeo and the kitchen that no one from Grey’s Anatomy can surpass

If you really need a Pompeo intro, you’ve wasted a lot of your life as this actress has managed to keep fans interested in TV’s star medical series Grey’s Anatomy for 16 straight years.

ellen pompeo She has gone through everything in the series that catapulted her to fame, she has lost the love of her life, her mother, her closest friends, her sister, in short, a whole arena of incredible losses, and yet she still there, being Meredithmom and medical genius.

Ellen Pompeo and the dream kitchen that no one can beat. Source: Architectural Digest YouTube.

Success has led him to amass an enviable fortune. 80 million dollars according to the portal Celebrity Net Worth and a salary of $550,000 per episode. Thanks to this, the actress has lived in the most precious and unique places in the United States.

One of those houses was made especially for the silent movie star Anthony Moreno by paul williams in the 20s and, of course, it has gone through transformations through the years and the owners, Pompeo herself being the one who gave the final touch to the spectacular kitchen that the property has.

At first, when pompeo acquired the spacious house, the kitchen used to have three rooms, however, it is now a single open space with a particular style that escapes the traditional ultra-white kitchens that celebrities tend to have.

Ellen Pompeo and the dream kitchen that no one can beat. Source: Architectural Digest YouTube.

This space features a massive white marble counter that runs along the entire edge of the wall, with an unusual number of cabinets that any chef would surely envy. A shelf full of copper pots allows the actress to carry out any type of preparation, in addition to decorating the place with her color.

The black color of the cabinets, topped by a stainless steel edge, contrasts with the marble wall that marks the stoves of the huge kitchen, whose floor is covered with terracotta tiles (perhaps the material of the floor).

A pair of French doors open onto the garden area, but not before going through a large wooden table where having breakfast or having any meal is a dream in itself. A truly unique and off-the-beaten-path cuisine sought after by Hollywood’s renowned staff.

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