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✍ November 3, 2022 – 14:19

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When we think of series from the ’90s, it most likely comes to mind cases that, to put it kindly, did not age very well. The zeitgeist of the time was marked by banal themes, goofy and often misogynistic humor, and underdeveloped or non-existent female or racialized characters.

But there is a series that is different: The Nanny, the sitcom about a cosmetics saleswoman from Queens, NY who ends up as a nanny for a wealthy family. This year, the legendary series turns 29 years old. And while it’s not perfect or progressive, it contrasts with the rest of the production of its decade, managing to stay fresh, with intelligent and sensitive humor… and iconic costumes that do not go out of style.

And we owe all this to the very Fran Drescher, actress, writer, and activist who created and starred in the series in ’93. After being catapulted to fame by the success of The Nanny, Drescher suffered from uterine cancer that led her to turn to activism. Thus, she founded her non-profit organization cancer schmanceraimed at expanding education about this disease and about health in general.

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What many people don’t know is that, over the years, Fran Drescher has had the marijuana plant as an unconditional ally. Surprisingly, she has not made her love for cannabis so public. Not even after playing a stoner aunt in an episode of Broad City.

However, the star has been very vocal about her relationship with the plant of late. And like all relationships, his was changing over time.

In an interview with Weekly Closerthe actress revealed that I used to smoke a lot of marijuana when I was young… but maybe not for the reasons stated: “I smoked to numb my feelings. It helped me get through certain relationships that were a little difficult for me.”

In fact, her therapist had to put a limit on her not going to her sessions high. Thus, he was able to change the way he used the plant: “I used to wake up and smoke! But now I understand its medicinal attributes.”he confessed.

These medicinal attributes came to hand after his cancer diagnosis (which, by the way, was very difficult for him to obtain, after 8 doctors and two years of misdiagnosis).

“Several years after my operation I noticed that I had inflammation problemsand that’s when I became interested in the wonders of cannabis again,” he shared with Weekly Closer at the time. “It reduces inflammation, reduces stress, makes you sleep better, and simply increases your functionality.. At least it has worked for me. I’m trying to share that with the public. And make it organic!”

Indeed, the star often has panels on cannabis at conferences organized by cancer schmancer, and talks about the benefits of the plant at conventions. In addition, he places a lot of emphasis on the dissemination of natural medicine and the use of 100% organic products.

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Also, marijuana has improved his life in another, more indirect way. In an interview with ForbesDrescher talked about his father, who was struggling with symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and decided to try cannabis. “She went from having that blank look that Parkinson’s patients tend to have, that kind of boring life, to a positive reaction in a matter of seconds when using cannabis. Her whole face became animated, her voice became strong, her eyes widened and my father was himself again“said the actress.

Drescher is also very skeptical about traditional media and institutional treatment of marijuana. A self-confessed anti-capitalist, the writer links the lack of knowledge we have about cannabis with corporate greed. “We can challenge what they tell us … and really start to question if it’s the truth or if it was motivated by greed.”

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