Egg Cookers Like This Attention! All values ​​are reset!

Egg is one of the healthy foods that should be consumed by people of all ages due to its high protein and iron content. prof. Dr. Canan Karatay shares that this superfood fills you up for a long time, especially in Ramadan, that you should not leave eggs on the table. According to many experts, the correct cooking of eggs, which is known as the secret of longevity, is of great importance.

The dark halo around the yolk is the result of overcooking the egg. When an egg is cooked for more than 10 minutes, a green-gray ring forms around the yolk, known as an iron sulfide ring. This prevents us from getting the benefits of iron. However, eggs are a very good source of the mineral iron. In iron deficiency anemia, the metabolism slows down, negative symptoms such as weakness, fatigue, problems concentrating, memory problems, difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, and hair loss appear.


Expert nutritionist Ishin Sayin on perfect egg cooking “Eat at least 1 preferably organic egg every day and cook it for a total of 10 minutes. Results may vary depending on the power of your stove and whether the egg is organic or non-organic. organic. Under your conditions, the inside of the egg will be half cooked in 10 minutes. If you see that it has evaporated, cook 1-1.5 minutes more next time, but carefully adjust the time so that there are no gray rings.

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