Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores show off their Christmas tree

The famous Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores revealed that they are not willing to wait for December to begin to begin preparations for one of the favorite holidays for children, Christmas, so they have already decorated their house and they placed their tree.

Through their social networks, both the singer and the socialite showed some aspects of how their Christmas tree was assembled, place the lights and choose the decorations to put on it.

Although, they did not show if their children participated in the decorationnot in the selection of the decoration, surely your children will love to see their house full of colors and lights, and the most important thing is that surely they will be looking forward to the time to open the presents.

Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores

Through his Instagram stories, Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores revealed that their tree was two meters high and had pink decorations with various extensions of colored lights to make it shine.

It should be noted that although part of the work was done by the singer Edwuin Moon, the couple had the help of a specialist and expert in decorations, where they showed how excited they were for the decorations.

After the videos of the decorations, Kimberly flowers answered some questions to his followers, including one in which he questioned where would they spend Christmas, what Kim claimed not to know.

It is because they are undecided if they will spend it at home or if they will go on a trip to Cancun, where everyone can enjoy a magnificent vacation, but while they have already placed all the decorations.

Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores

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