Edén Muñoz dedicates a song to Debanhi and families of disappeared persons

Former lead singer of ‘50 caliber‘, Eden Munoz composed a song in memory of Debanhi Escobar and dedicated to the families of the disappeared persons in Mexico.

The singer explained that this is a way to express his feelings about the missing people in Mexico.

On the platform, the singer shared a video where you can see a illustration from Debanhi Escobar and the single “Te Voy A Find” is heard.

“I am too sensitive about the case of #debanhiescobar and the thousands of people who suffer the same. The only way I can express myself and get all this I feel is with my music and today, I dedicate this song to all those who long for find your loved ones and also to all those who long to be found, with much love and respect always”, posted the former member of Caliber 50 in the clip.

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The lyrics of the song talk about the pain caused by absence of someone. After sharing the song, his fans and other celebrities wrote comments to the artist supporting him.

“What a beautiful song I wish it was just a song and not the reality that we live daily in our country! I love you compa”, Sherlyn posted.

Edén Muñoz said that he made the song with “respect” towards people who live in this kind of situation and with “love”.

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